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Albert Einstein famously said: “The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.” – and quite frankly, who are we to disagree with Einstein when it comes to creativity, innovation and ideas?

Design Thinking Specialisation, Echos brand new course launching in Australia next month with an impeccable track record overseas since 2013, is what we like to call a is a high impact mental shift course that will provide participants with a deep learning experience and teach them to assimilate the values of Design Thinking. The course focuses on human-centred entrepreneurship and is ideal for professionals wanting to become articulated innovators.

After attending this course, many people start to notice a positive transformation in their lives and careers, proving that once a mental shift occurs, many things in your life – in the most positive way – will adjust to it.

Danilo Stecklberg

The engineer, Danilo Steckelberg, said Design Thinking Specialisation helped him find new paths during a transitional moment of his career.

“I was at a stage where I was unsure about my next career steps. The Design Thinking Specialisation course was crucial for me in many aspects; it helped me realise that what matters is not the problem itself, or the techniques, but the way we approach a challenge. It also helped me see myself in a different light, and better understand my own behaviour, which has impacted tremendously the way I sell myself in the workspace.”

Six months after finishing the course, Danilo has become an Innovation Consultant and a Design Thinker – on top of still working as an engineer. “The most significant difference in my world today is that it has become so much bigger.”, he says.

Marco Neves

After attending Design Thinking Specialisation, Marco Neves started to see the world through “design lenses” – empathy, collaboration and co-creation became a part of his daily reality.

“I left the course with a huge desire and a certain urgency to make things happen, to put to practice what we had learnt in the classroom. The problem I had was, the company I was working for at that time wasn’t the kind of place in which I would be able to implement the kind of changes I learnt.  From there, naturally, my career choices took me to a company where I started working with innovation and that allowed me to create a real impact to the status quo, as I had wanted ever since the course. Today I am a Social Entrepreneur as I believe Design Thinking is closely related to social change.”

Nowadays, Marcos has become a Startup Accelerator and also facilitates Design Thinking workshops.

Alessandra Gomiero

For Alessandra Gomiero, Design Thinking Specialisation was fundamental not only in helping dictate her new career path but also in helping her find her next opportunity, after being made redundant from her 4-year-long position.

Feeling lost after being let go, she came to one of Echos Open Events and fell in love with Design Thinking: “I attended one of Echos’ free events and completely fell in love. I decided there and then I would invest in the Design Thinking Specialisation course, and it has truly changed my life.”After the course, Alessandra was hired as an Innovator Booster by a corporate company. These days, you will find Alessandra working for a startup where she coordinates innovation projects. Since the course, she has also acted as a Design Thinking facilitator in workshops across the country.

What Can a Design Specialist Do?

As a Design Thinking Specialist, you will have the training and skill set to apply Design Thinking to any front of a business, product development and service development, placing yourself amongst the Australian Design Thinking community and at the forefront of the innovation field.

Is This The Right Course For me?

Design Thinking Specialisation is for:

  • People who want to become an innovation specialist
  • Design thinkers who wish to deepen their knowledge and become leaders
  • Business leaders interested in accelerating innovation
  • Innovators who want to increase their knowledge in Design Thinking
  • Professionals who want to learn a collaborative work model
  • People who want to participate in an innovation laboratory working on concrete projects
  • Everyone who wants to accelerate their innovation learning curve by balancing theory and practice
  • Professionals who want to reinvent their career
  • People who are in a transitional phase


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