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Too many great ideas end up never leaving the paper. Today we share five prototyping tools that will empower you to give life to your creativity.

1 – Paper Prototyping

The simplest way to prototype only requires two things: a piece of paper and a pen. With these two simple tools, you can draw your ideas and have other people add to it, collaborating and improving what you had there at first. The greatest thing about drawing your ideas is that the paper “forces” you to simplify them, in order to put them down.

Simple, easy and fast, this kind of prototype is versatile as it allows you to materialise your idea quickly.

2- InVision App

If you’d like to prototype an idea using a digital platform, the InVisionApp is a fantastic tool you can use. The app offers a free version in which you can create an interactive prototype in a matter of minutes. Not to mention, the interface is really cool, and the UX is everything you would expect from InVision.

3- Sketch

Sketch is a very popular prototyping tool that is extremely easy to use. It is a vector based application that allows you to build prototypes to be used in different platforms (one of the reasons web designers love this tool!). Sketch’s only downfall is that it is only available for OS.

4- Adobe XD

Abobe XD is another vector based application but, differently to Sketch, it can be used in Windows operational systems as well as Apple’s OS.

5- Google Blocks

Google has launched its Google Blocks application very recently. Although the product is still in the experimentation stage and, therefore, with many limitations, it is pretty clear that it has a lot of potential.

Google’s objective with this project is to create a shared database that can be used for gaming, websites, apps, and anything else under the sun. Now all they need is for people to start “populating” Google Blocks so that it can start to do its thing.

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