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At the beginning of the year, our co-founder, Juliana Proserpio, wrote an article entitled “2019: Design Your Year To Make It The Best“, which was based on the book Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.

It isn’t the first time our team speaks about using concepts of design thinking to better your life. Last year, our content guru, Rani Ghazzaoui Luke, wrote a piece connecting design thinking and relationships named “It wasn’t faith, it was design“.

As we are talking about creativity in this week’s newsletter, today we bring you a treat:

Description: The executive director of Stanford’s design program at the d.School, Bill Burnett uses design thinking, a career’s worth of starting companies and coaching students, and a childhood spent drawing cars and aeroplanes under his Grandmother’s sewing machine to inform his work on how to design your life. In five eyebrow-raising findings, Burnett offers simple but life-changing advice on designing the life you want, whether you are contemplating college or retirement. (source: Ted.com)

If you’re interested in becoming a Design Thinking specialist, check out Echos’ Design Thinking Specialisation course, which, as the name suggests, is a high impact mental shift course that will provide participants with a deep learning experience and teach them to assimilate the values of Design Thinking. The course focuses on human-centred entrepreneurship and is ideal for professionals wanting to become articulated innovators.

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