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December is a month that invites self-reflection, after all, a new year is about to start. 2019 has been a great year for creativity and brought us many groundbreaking innovations, from a talking hearing aid to aerofarms.

For Echos, 2019 has been a phenomenal year, with many challenges and even more accomplishments.  Our international operations expanded to Europe, we inaugurated our headquarters in Sydney, our team has grown and, since then, we ran fourteen on-campus courses, six in-house training sessions, sixteen open events and participated in two innovation projects, one with Australia Post and another one with Google. Pretty cool stuff.

After every single one of those courses, training sessions, events or projects, we conduct a session we call “I like, I wish”, in which participants list the things they most liked about their experience and the things they wish for next time. It’s kind of our tradition.

In the spirit of self-reflecting about this year, here is a selection of our favourite “I like, I wish” moments from 2019.


“I liked using Design Thinking and feeling familiar with the process.”

“I liked the level of engagement during the sessions;  it was very hands-on!”

“I liked realising that you can definitely learn an innovation mindset.”

“I liked how much the communication during the course was open, non-judgemental and fun!”

“I liked watching my ideas turn to reality.”

“I liked all the tools we learnt and the interactivity they brought to the activities.”

“I liked the positive energy and enthusiasm that the facilitators brought into the sessions every day.”

“I liked the concept of ‘build to think’; it helped me get out of my head and focus on the idea at hand.”

“I liked the fact we had a few food breaks with such nice food.”

“I liked the prototyping process because it taught me you don’t need a lot of resources to showcase your idea.”

“I liked tapping into my creativity without any judgment from the people around me.”

“I liked how the Echos’ approach allowed us to shift teams and work with different people at different stages of the process. I had a chance t work with people from areas I would never have dreamt of, and that was incredibly special.”

“I like the quality of the case studies that were presented to us during the course. My favourites were J&J and Pill Pack.”

“I liked how a three-day course was so informative, fun and entertaining.”


“I wish there could have been more case studies from my region.”

“I wish I was able to bring my whole team to this course so that we could all start applying the methodologies to work tomorrow!”

“I wish we had a mentor within our organisation that could help us to solve our DT challenges moving forward.”

“I wish my company’s senior executives would come to this course.”

“I wish we had the opportunity to observe and innovation project as it happened.”

“I wish we had the opportunity to learn from an organisation similar to ours.”

“I wish I could bring this kind of communication and collaboration back into the newsroom.”

“I wish I can use what I learnt  in these sessions to face Use future challenges.”

“I wish I could have a refresher of this course every six months.”

“I wish we could bring these ideas to reality.”

“I wish I was able to establish an innovative leadership mindset in my industry.” 

“I wish I can take this knowledge and apply to work as soon as possible.”

“I wish I had done this course five years ago.”

Echos Co-founder & CEO, Ricardo Ruffo, conducting the last ‘I like, I wish’ session of 2019.

In 2019, we liked how much you stayed connected with us, how much you reached out and engaged with all of the content we put out for you with so much care. For 2020, we wish our relationship with you becomes even stronger, and that you feel more and more belonging in this innovation community we are building here in Australia.

Until next year, enjoy your break!

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