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05 Jul 2021

Global Conversation on the Meaning of Design Leadership

As an industry, design is experiencing massive growth. Designers are being asked to transform their organisations into businesses who will thrive in a rapidly evolving global market. We invited design leaders from all over the world to take part in a series of global Firesession webinars to discuss how designers must transform, shift mindsets, and […]

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12 Jun 2021

Why Every Designer Needs A Global Network

The process of networking has shifted in new and exciting ways. With the increased uptake of digital events and conferences networking has begun to feel almost unrecognisable to what it was in 2019. The use of digital mediums for connecting with new people, locations and time zones are turning yesterday’s barriers into today’s assets. The […]

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01 Jun 2021

Soft Skills, Creating a Culture of Design

Soft skills are a combination of personal character traits and interpersonal skills that allow individuals to build strong relationships with other people. In the workplace soft skills are seen as complementary to hard skills, which refer to a person’s knowledge and occupational skills. With many companies and industries in a state of flux, soft skills […]

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27 Apr 2021

The Business Impact of Design

Designers around the world are in an incredible position. Culturally we are in a moment of transition, with an estimated impact that has not been seen since the industrial revolution. The influence that designers can and will have on this new emerging world is going to be great. While this is all incredibly positive, there […]

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28 Jul 2020

How To Use Online Energisers for Virtual Teams and Remote Meetings

This year the growth of online meetings, workshops and remote working has changed the way that teams are collaborating on projects. While there are a lot of benefits of virtual collaboration, ‘Zoom fatigue’ is real and it can often feel challenging keeping the energy flowing in online sessions. The process of running online workshops has […]

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07 Jul 2020

Design Thinking Odyssey: Design 3 Versions Of Your Post Pandemic Self!

The last four months have confirmed that the future is unpredictable and difficult to predict. And yet, we still all desire to plan and move towards goals we have for our future selves. How do we continue to plan and move forward when it feels like we are not in control of our lives? We […]

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30 Jun 2020

Radical Collaboration – how to create an online learning experience

Over the years a diverse range of industries have been learning design thinking methodologies as a way to create solutions for their problems. With the additional disruptions that COVID-19 has created, many industries are recognising the need for radical systemic change.  Last year before the pandemic we began crafting a new digital learning experience, Design […]

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