24 Sep 2019

Alumni Profile – Yasmin Torres

Yasmin Torres is a UX and UI designer specialised in branding and innovation, who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. On a trip to Australia earlier this year to visit family and friends, Torres attended Echos’ three-day Design Thinking Experience course. We chatted about Design Thinking, innovation and using human-centred design to provide people with the […]

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27 Aug 2019

Alumni Profile – Clayton Ilolahia

Echos’ Alum of the week, Clayton Ilolahia is a man of many talents. An experienced learning and development professional within the performing arts and luxury retail sector, his latest role was as Manager, Organisation Development & Learning at Sydney Opera House. Responsible for the design, development, delivery and management of organisational development and learning strategies, […]

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23 Jul 2019

Alumni Profile – Khawar Saleem

For this week’s Alumni Profile, I had the pleasure of talking to Khawar Saleem, who is a Director, Enterprise Architect (EA) in the NSW Department of Education. Education is one of the main pillars of any successful society, and so, designing for education is of utmost importance. In this interview, showing his sense of humour, […]

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28 May 2019

Alumni Profile – Ann Holden

For this week’s Alumni Profile, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ann Holden – Design Thinking Experience alum and the person responsible for Engagement at the Australian Department of Environment and Energy. A regulator of the law, Ann uses engagement to broker regulatory outcomes in an environmental context, and today we get to learn from […]

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26 Mar 2019

Alumni Profile – Rebecca Nguyen

We often worry about what world we will leave for the next generations; worry about how our actions today will impact the new generations to come. However, caring about the wellbeing of children today, in our current reality, is no small task, and one that all of us should partake on, I would add. My […]

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26 Feb 2019

Alumni Profile – Tamlyn van Zyst

“The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.” – Charles Eames For this week’s Alumni Profile, I spoke to designer, business owner and Echos Design Thinking Experience alum Tamlyn van Zyst. Amongst many things, Tamlyn is an experienced brand strategist that helps her clients perfect their […]

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22 Jan 2019

Alumni Profile – Basil Vlachou

The energy sector, particularly the Oil & Gas industry, requires innovation in order to remain sustainable, competitive and, of course, as environmentally friendly as possible. For this week’s Alumni Profile, I had the pleasure of speaking with Basil Vlachou, our Design Thinking Experience alum and the IT Solutions Lead at Santos, one of the leading […]

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23 Oct 2018

Alumni Profile – Melissa Lyon

What would happen if the legal field became more humanised? What would be the benefits to society if lawyers and law professionals could enhance their work outcome by using techniques that promoted innovation and kept the people – their customers – always in the centre of every equation? For this issue of the Echos newsletter, […]

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25 Sep 2018

Alumni Profile – Mollie Tregillis

Legal is a very traditional and conservative field of work, so combining lawyers and Design Thinking may not be something people would instinctively do. On the other hand, law professionals deal directly with people, regardless of what field they are in. This is why Design Thinking is becoming popular amongst the legal industry, with lawyers […]

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28 Aug 2018

Alumni Profile – Neill Morgan

“Design thinkers may be in short supply, but they exist inside every organisation. The trick is spotting them, nurturing them, and freeing them to do what they do best”. This quote is from Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organisations and Inspires Innovation, by Tim Brown. For this issue of the Echos newsletter, I […]

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