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the ultimate course for innovative entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

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8 modules


did you know?

Business Design is an approach used by innovators who want to systematically validate and test elements and hypotheses of their business models in the face of contemporary challenges. Business design is the union between creative design and analytical business thinking. The creation and testing of hypotheses are developed from the design thinking approach allowing the creation of new businesses or product extensions focused on the real people’s needs.




The Business Design Experience is a course where you will learn the principles of business design to reduce risks and test assumptions in advance and create a business that truly meets the needs of the people you serve. Learn how to develop your value proposition, explore different revenue models and take advantage of existing technologies to launch your business in the market.

The course consists of 8 remote modules, with live meetings and facilitated by experienced Echos facilitators. In addition to learning about business design, you will learn to work remotely applying new concepts and tools used by the world’s leading startups in their market discovery processes.

At the end of the program in addition to your certificate, you’ll gain access Echos’ global network of innovators with thousands of innovators around the world.

accelerate innovation hypothesis testing

who is
this course for?

  • Professionals who are looking to create a new business or portfolio extensions.
  • For those who want to learn contemporary principles of business, innovation and design.
  • For individuals dissatisfied with the status quo.
  • For those who dream of setting up their own business.
  • For business leaders and startups that are constantly seeking to promote innovation.

why is this
course different?

The course brings a unique perspective from the design mindset to the creation of new businesses and offers tools used by today’s most modern companies.

You will be able to identify hidden needs from users by creating, capturing and delivering value to your market. Above all, it will broaden your view on exploring possibilities in order to evolve your business idea and promote:


  • Constant experiments that generate value for your organisation or new business;
  • Innovation mechanisms for your industry;
  • Identification of hidden and unclear market opportunities;
  • Agility and dynamism in implementing solutions;
  • The ability to build business strategies from experiments.

what's the content?

Module 1

Business Design and the challenges of the 21st century


Learn the principles of business design and become familiar with remote tools to work collaboratively.

Module 2

Business essence: Insight, Value Proposition and Target Audience


Identify your target audience, create attractive ways to generate value and bring your ideas closer to the market.

Module 3

Trends, Weak Signals and Connections


Learn techniques to combine market trends with technology. Experience business hypotheses on weak signals and generate relevant connections for the future of your business.

Module 4

High-Performance Teams


Form high-performance teams for your business.

Module 5

Data-driven Business


Create data generation mechanisms for decision making in an analytical world. Learn simple techniques to build a data-based company.

Module 6

Strategic hypothesis testing


Learn how to take business hypotheses off the paper and put them in the real world.

Module 7

Agile, Lean and Accelerated


Build prototypes and MVPs that are true to your customers’ reality.

Module 8

Growth Strategies


Learn how to continue your learning journey about design thinking and how to implement the main concepts in your day-to-day.

participant's journey

During the course, some paradigms have carried for five years - linking entrepreneurship and innovation -evaporated in a matter of minutes! A great feature of the course is that we create a democratic and safe space for people who are dissatisfied with the status quo of their companies, cities or lives. The way we learnt to create a new business did not fell esoteric or like self-help; it was creativity applied to business

Jacinto Netto Business Design Experience Program Alum

What our previous participants told us:

  • The process is highly applicable to the real world
  • They felt able to identify hidden opportunities in the market
  • They felt empowered to build a new business model based on experimentation
  • They felt provoked to new ways of thinking
  • The balance between theory and practice was excellent
  • They have changed their belief in how they approach challenges and create solutions
  • They felt confident creatively to advance their career

We are forming the new generation of innovative design leaders


Our facilitators are innovation experts who are committed to showing the ropes to participants and sharing tactics to implement design thinking in any situation.

Juliana Proserpio Juliana Proserpio

Echos Chief Designer Officer & Founder

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Ricardo Ruffo Ricardo Ruffo

Echos Global CEO & Founder

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To conduct the workshop at your company, contact our relationship team. or 1300 502 006