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Cohort 1 | May 31 - Jun 23
Tue & Thu | 5.00pm - 8.00pm | 8 live sessions

discover new ways of innovative thinking

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8 modules


did you know?

Design Thinking is a methodology that allows us to revolutionise the way we solve complex problems. Design Thinking is guided by human needs in their natural contexts, combining what is technologically possible with feasible business strategies.



The Design Thinking Experience is a course that will give you a broad understanding of the principles and tools to enhance business innovation. You will experience the design thinking approach through two projects based on real challenges and learn how to find solutions that put the person at the core of your decision making. In addition to learning design thinking and applying it in practice, you will have access to the most modern remote working tools on your innovation projects.

With 8 remote and live meetings with experienced facilitators, you will have the opportunity to learn about design thinking remotely and practice with a team of experts.

At the end of the program in addition to your certificate, you’ll gain access Echos’ global network of innovators with thousands of innovators around the world.

empathy, collaboration and experimentation

who is
this course for?

  • For people that would like to further their knowledge on innovation and design thinking
  • For those who need to learn a new model of collaborative and remote work
  • For people who restlessly seek for knowledge and are constantly looking to self-improve
  • For professionals in the innovation field who would like to accelerate projects and are looking for unique material
  • For professionals in leadership positions who seek to promote positive changes in culture and adopt a more innovative business model
  • For people with a desire to innovate and create solutions to challenges of our emerging new world
  • For professionals working for a startup, who want to promote innovation within their business
  • For seasoned professionals looking for a fresh look into innovation

why is this
course different?

You will learn through practical projects giving you the opportunity to explore essential cognitive skills for 21st-century organisations, while collectively and creatively developing a solution to a real-world problem. In this course you will:

  • Understand the value of the design approach for solving complex problems in practice, within the scope of business and society;
  • Being able to appropriate the values, mindset and basic tools of the Design Thinking approach for application in personal or professional projects;
  • Use principles and tools to exercise empathy, collaborate and create prototypes in an agile way in order to make tangible ideas that adhere to people’s needs and test them;
  • Expand your worldview for a more systemic understanding of the challenges addressed.

what's the content?

Design Thinking is a way to think about complex challenges with a focus on the human at the centre. Its a new approach to reinvent the way we deliver value in a world of exponential transformations. A mental model based on three values – empathy, collaboration and experimentation – that will guide you through a practical learning journey in search of a connection with people’s real needs.

Module 1

Design Thinking & Innovation


Learn the essential concepts of design thinking and become familiar with remote tools to work collaboratively. In this module, you will develop your first project using the methodology.

Module 2

Understanding complexity


Start your second project using the Design Thinking approach.
Learn to question the complex challenges around you, using practical and collaborative tools that speed up the visualization of possibilities.

Module 3

Design research


From an anthropological approach, we unveil business opportunities based on real human needs. We believe that every challenge has a human factor that generates innovation. Using qualitative research triangulation techniques, we discovered unusual insights for our project.

Module 4

Insights and new points of view


Learn visual techniques to synthesize the information gathered during design research and create creative and alternative paths for your innovative project.

Module 5

Ideation for innovation


Remote and accelerated techniques for generating ideas for your project. Learn the essential skills to unlock your creativity and innovate in your projects. With a clear intention and a deeper understanding of the problem, the way to a practical and innovative solution is much easier.

Module 6

Prototyping: getting your ideas off the ground


Learn how to use prototyping as a learning vehicle for your product or service. Quickly put your ideas in the real world and quickly learn how to innovate from people.

Module 7

Always BETA: test, iterate (or pivot)


Learn techniques on how to strategically test every detail of your solution, details are fundamental elements in this phase that allow the success of your project. Understand the importance of the iterative nature of the design process.

Module 8

Learn by Designing


Learn how to continue your learning journey about design thinking and how to implement the main concepts in your life.

participant's journey

One of Echos' core beliefs is that the best way to learn is by doing - the technique we call 'learn by doing'. DTx is, in essence, a program in which participants experience a mindset shift that happens while their brains are fully engaged in the 'doing'.

I just wanted to send a special thank you for your brilliant facilitation over the three days. I’ve taken a great deal out of it and will be using the skills and processes I’ve learned immediately. It is really an exciting way of considering just about any problem and I look forward to taking some new ideas away next year.

Peter Henning Senior Designer - Queensland Treasury

I am very grateful for having participated in the design thinking experience course. It has introduced me to a new mindset and knowledge that will help me change the way I approach my own business and my clients’ projects. The toolkit provided is very helpful and a great reference tool for the future. This was a great and valuable experience I would highly recommend to anyone that is searching for a new way of working (no matter what work they do) and a new mindset. I left the course feeling inspired and ready to start practising design thinking in my own business.

Maria Stavrakis Melbourne

What our previous participants told us:

  • They felt better equipped to collaborate effectively with a diverse group of people
  • They felt compelled to learn from internal and external customers
  • They felt empowered to prototype quickly and generate innovative solutions
  • They felt confident in their creative skills
  • They felt in control when applying Design Thinking's key tools to solve complex problems they face on a daily base

we are forming the new generation of innovators from design


Our facilitators are innovation experts who are committed to showing the ropes to participants and sharing tactics to implement design thinking in any situation.

Juliana Proserpio Juliana Proserpio

Echos Chief Designer Officer & Founder

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Ricardo Ruffo Ricardo Ruffo

Echos Global CEO & Founder

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Paulo Armi Paulo Armi

Visual Designer and Design Thinker

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Daniel Ieraci Daniel Ieraci

Service Designer & Facilitator

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