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Cohort 1 | May 25 - Jun 29
Wednesday's | 5.00pm - 8.00pm | 6 live sessions

use design thinking to become an innovation project facilitator.

Open Course

6 modules


did you know?…

Facilitating innovation projects is an essential skill for any innovation professional. Understanding the team’s profiles, their roles and leveraging collective intelligence is the key to the success of innovative projects.




The Facilitation Design Experience is a course that will stimulate innovation project environments where the participant will be challenged to apply the tools learned throughout the course journey.

Learn to facilitate results, experience common conflicts in innovation project environments. Learn to understand personality profiles and how they impact the results and quality of communication.

The course consists of 6 remote modules with live meetings, facilitated by experienced members of the Echos team. Each module will allow participants to experience simulations of extreme situations.

Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of design thinking. If you don’t yet have a grounding in innovation projects, we recommend the Design Thinking Online course or the Design Thinking Experience to gain a better grasp of these methodologies.

At the end of the program in addition to your certificate, you’ll gain access Echos’ global network of innovators with thousands of innovators around the world.

use design thinking to facilitate groups in developing innovative, creative solutions.

who is
this course for?

  • For people who want to learn group facilitation techniques for innovation projects
  • For professionals that wish to be equipped with facilitation techniques for innovation projects to guide groups of people in creative solution-building while developing communication skills
  • Design and innovation leaders who need to articulate and mediate teams
  • Facilitators who wish to expand their professional field with innovation projects based on the design thinking approach

why is this
course different?

Facilitation Design Experience accelerates your experience in challenging environments and helps teams to keep their focus on concrete results. In addition, you learn to:

  • Create safe spaces for the reception of divergent thinking;
  • Make room for the result of group work to emerge spontaneously;
  • Cultivate spaces that give freedom to creativity;
  • Facilitate innovation processes based on the design approach;

what's the content?


An online meeting that precedes the experience for the participants’ interaction, construction of the journey, setting on the platform and the tools to support the learning trail.

Module 1

Revisiting the innovation project from the design


Rescue the main points of an innovation project, learn about roles, personalities and the connection for facilitation.

Module 2

Simulation 1: facilitating difficult types


Learn how to deal with some of the most common difficulties inherent in the online environment. Going through content, tools and techniques, we will work to unlock the participation of members and leverage their contribution in groups.

Module 3

Simulation 2: facilitating difficult types


Learn deep listening and facilitation skills to deal with difficult types. Through theatre techniques, you will immerse yourself in the world of listening and leverage the potential of the most difficult types.

Module 4

Simulation 3: facilitating in the crisis


Learn to distinguish contexts with simple, complicated, complex or chaotic problems. Develop systemic techniques for high impact facilitation.

Module 5

Leverage of collective intelligence 1


Learn how to leverage individual genius for group intelligence.

Module 6

Leverage of collective intelligence 2


Understand the relationship between neural networks, complex systems and biology to make use of collective intelligence.


participant's journey

Understanding the facilitation process was perfectly complementary to the Design Thinking Immersion course. Armed with the right tools, I was able to take a step further in the empathy and active listening exercises, which made me able to help my coworkers and friends – in a more conscious way – to solve their problems by using their potential and repertoire to the maximum.

Rafaela Calheiros Facilitation Design Experience - Brazil

What our previous participants told us:

  • They felt provoked to new ways of thinking
  • They felt like "agents of change"
  • They have changed their belief in how they approach challenges and create solutions
  • They felt that collaboration is extremely important: collectively they were smarter than individually

"The facilitator's job is to support everyone to do their best thinking." Sam Kaner


Our facilitators are innovation experts who are committed to showing the ropes to participants and sharing tactics to implement design thinking in any situation.

Juliana Proserpio Juliana Proserpio

Echos Chief Designer Officer & Founder

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Ricardo Ruffo Ricardo Ruffo

Echos Global CEO & Founder

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To conduct the workshop at your company, contact our relationship team. or 1300 502 006