Facilitate innovation processes with the approach of Design Thinking.

The next step for students who have attended the course Design Thinking Experience or Design Thinking Specialisation.


Sydney: 11-12 April, 2019


2 Days

Individual – 1,800

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“The facilitator’s job is to support everyone to do their best thinking.”

Sam Kaner

Organisations today use the power of collective intelligence to leverage their potential for generating innovative ideas.

However, team success does not depend merely on engaged and invested participants. Numerous variables have the capacity of “jamming” the collaborative process, for example, concrete things such as physical space can be an impeachment, as well as subtle things such as behavioural traits, people’s backgrounds, etc.

In this context, the mediation of a skilled facilitator can make the process less stressful and more efficient for everyone involved. Facilitators also help to keep discussions focused and to best deal with emerging conflicts.

The Course

The course Facilitation Experience will teach the participant the pillar skills of facilitation making use of theory, opportunities to practice the skills and constant evaluations.

Participants will leave this course fully capacitated to mediate groups in the process of building creative solutions innovatively based on Design Thinking.

Tailored especially for people have completed the Design Thinking Experience course or the Design Thinking Specialisation course, this course teaches participants how to navigate the “deep end” by emulating extreme situations that often take place in real facilitation scenarios. This acquired skill will allow participants to learn concepts and tools at an accelerated pace.

What You Will Learn

  • To mediate and facilitate innovation processes
  • To facilitate decision-making in groups using techniques, tools and exercises
  • How to create a dynamic and inclusive participation environment
  • How "adult learning" happens and the impact it has on teamwork
  • The facilitator's different roles and responsibilities, and how to switch roles throughout the process
  • How to practice active listening
  • To instigate insights and reflection within the group
  • The role chaos play in innovation
  • How to provide appropriate feedback
  • How to identify and deal with challenging personalities

How You Will Feel

  • Motivated to share and apply your learnings
  • That you are an "agent of change"
  • That collaboration is extremely important: collectively we are smarter than individually
  • Empowered to build business models based on experimentation

What This Course Covers


  • The facilitator's role
  • The fundamentals of facilitating
  • Facilitation techniques
  • The dynamics of group-deciding
  • The principles of andragogy (adult learning)
  • What, when and how to provide appropriate feedback
  • The stages of design thinking and the facilitator's personas
  • Active listening
  • Handling challenging personalities

Who Is This Course Ideal For?

  • For someone who wants to learn group facilitation techniques for innovation projects
  • For professionals that wish to be equipped with facilitation techniques for innovation projects in order to guide groups of people in creative solution building while developing communication skills
  • Prerequisite: This course is tailored to suit people that have concluded the Design Thinking Experience and/or Design Thinking Immersion courses


  • Rafaela Calheiros
    Facilitation Experience Student, São Paulo - Brazil

    “Understanding the facilitation process was perfectly complementary to the Design Thinking Immersion course. Armed with the right tools, I was able to take a step further in the empathy and active listening exercises, which made me able to help my coworkers and friends – in a more conscious way – to solve their problems by using their own potential and repertoire to the maximum.”

  • Gustavo Roças
    Facilitation Experience Student, São Paulo - Brazil

    “After my first contact with design thinking – and specially because of the way I was first introduced to it during the Design Thinking Specialisation course – it was a natural step for me to want to further my learnings in the subject. It was with this eagerness that I arrived at the Facilitation Experience course. It is only when you are introduced to the group guiding techniques that teach you how to find answers and new questions within each person of the group in order to find human-centred solutions, that you can truly realise just how profound this approach can be. During the sessions, I’ve learnt to identify where to focus when learning with groups formed by differently profiled people. I also learnt ways to encourage participants by making them realise that different opinions are always inputs to innovation. This course also made me have a clearer sense of the process as a whole and all of its steps.”



  • SYD

    @The Porter
    Ground floor (just behind the lift)
    1st O’Connell St, Sydney


    11-12 April, 2019

    9 am to 5:30 pm

    $1,500 – $1,800 (GST Included)



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