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Compact workshop

Speed up the process of business development through experimentation!

A customer-oriented approach

Participants will be challenged to develop a business project from an actual company challenge

8, 16 e 24 hours

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In Business Design it is assumed that all parts of a business are hypotheses that can be prototyped and thus improved by testing. This kind of approach allows for the development of business iteratively, from its initial concept to its launch.

Inspired by the concepts of design thinking, business model generation, and customer development, the Business Design when combined with traditional corporate strategies becomes a powerful approach to business development. An emerging discipline that requires a combination of mindsets, methods, and skills that will make ideas become business in a systematic way.

About the workshop

Business Design Workshop is based on a customer-oriented approach that allows the process of business development to speed up through experimentation.

The course aims to enable participants to think creatively and to challenge the business status quo by identifying existing opportunities.

During the workshop participants will be challenged to develop a business project from an actual company challenge, which allows them to learn the concepts and tools in a practical way besides practicing with exercises that allow greater absorption of the content.


Benefits to the organisation

  • To understand how to identify business opportunities through an approach based on experimentation;
  • To explore your creative potential in order to generate innovative business;
  • How design culture can accelerate innovation in business development;
  • To learn in practice how to build a new business model or how to reinvent an existing one;
  • To learn in a practical way from tools and exercises that accelerate your learning;
  • To learn how to build a minimum viable product (MVP).

Contents and concepts

  • Business Model Canvas;
  • Value Proposition Canvas;  
  • Lean Model;  
  • Lean Experiment Canvas;  
  • 7S Action Plan;    
  • Customer Development Process;
  • Experiments & Hypothesis;
  • Stakeholder Map;
  • Empathy Map;
  • Growth Hacking;
  • Value Curve.

Who’s this workshop for?

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build innovative businesses;  
  • Executives and professionals who want to develop innovation processes in search of business opportunity;
  • Accelerators and incubators that want to empower their entrepreneurs;  
  • Entities that want to adopt a new approach to innovation and entrepreneurship.

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