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Compact Workshop

An intensive program that accelerates a team’s ability to innovate!

Develop an innovation project using a real challenge faced by your organisation!

Train creative skills on your team!

8, 16 e 24 hours

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“Design Thinking is the best way to leverage human potential and collective intelligence to generate creative and innovative solutions for complex problems.”

Max Santos, Coordinator at Escola Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a practical, human-centered approach that accelerates innovation and solves complex problems. To understand design thinking and start working or living using this mindset, we need to internalize three basic values – EMPATHY, COLLABORATION and EXPERIMENTATION.

Changing your mental and working model means to rise from your chair and go to the street. It means working in groups, to co-create, to really listen to each other and build on the idea of others – and of course, to take risks.

First of all, we design solutions that are desirable. By testing and iterating our solutions we deliver appropriate, actionable, and tangible strategies through three separate lenses: feasibility, viability and desirability. The solutions that emerge at the end of the Human-Centered Design should hit the overlap of those three lenses; they need to be Desirable, Feasible, and Viable.

The Program

DESIGN THINKING FOR BUSINESS INNOVATION is an intensive program that accelerates a team’s ability to innovate, while enhancing creative skills and bringing value to your organisation. This exclusive program offers access to high-end approaches and tools, which are needed to tackle the present-day challenges faced by organisations.

Design Thinking is a MINDSET, a practical approach to accelerate innovation and solve problems from a human perspective. By challenging hierarchical barriers and the Cartesian mindset, Design Thinking offers the necessary conditions for fresh ideas to emerge, forcing our brains to step out of its comfort zone and, henceforth, perceive desirable and sustainable futures.


Benefits for your organisation

  • Encourages a pro-active attitude to solve problems from a creative and sustainable perspective;
  • Offers an innovative way to boost employees’ intelligence and creative confidence;
  • Fosters collaboration among different areas, improving teams efficiency, by levelling off knowledge and expertise;
  • Accelerates innovation, speeding up projects while making progress more tangible;
  • Enables the creation of new products, services, and business models through an innovative mindset;

Benefits for your employee

  • Understanding the application of a new mindset that enables the solution of complex problems and accelerates innovation;
  • Learning by doing how to work collaboratively;
  • Expansion of creative confidence;
  • Learning new co-creation processes;
  • Learning techniques to understand internal and external customers in-depth;
  • Learning prototyping methods in practice.

Design thinking values

To understand design thinking and start working or living using this mindset, we need to internalize three basic values – EMPATHY, COLLABORATION and EXPERIMENTATION..

  • Empathy

    It is a concept on the rise, often talked about but little practiced. That’s because being empathic is not easy. Empathy means to deeply understand the psychological perspective of the other – putting yourself in someone’s shoes.

  • Collaboration

    Think together and co-create in multidisciplinary teams so that the quality of thinking and understanding multiplies.

  • Experimentation

    This means leaving the realm of talking about ideas: instead, testing solutions, experimenting – really living with the ideas and business assumptions to avoid problems during the implementation phase.

Content and concepts

  • General concepts about Innovation and Design Thinking;
  • Empathy, collaboration and experimentation;
  • Design Thinking process and tools;
  • Team integraton - collaboration techniques;
  • Co-criation tools;
  • Experimentation tools (doing not talking);
  • Complex problems resolution;
  • Field research;
  • Techniques for understanding customers in-depth.

who is this program for?

  • Leaders and managers who are responsible for marketing, sales or innovation strategies, as well as to upper level executives that desire to integrate high-end creative practices to their business process and corporate structures.
  • Executives that are willing to change the working dynamics of their teams, foster a culture of innovation in their companies and be prepared to lead projects in a more inspiring way.

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