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Would you rather predict or design the future?

3 Days

Individual – 2,000

Next Dates:
May 8th – 10th

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The future cannot be build only based on predictions.

We are sceptical of approaches to futurism that solely focus on tendencies, previsions and emerging technologies. We believe that the future cannot be built on predictions only and so intentionally and collaboratively, designers of the future should create the places where we will be in 5, 10, 25 or 50 years.

Design of Desirable Futures is a course in which we will provoke alternatives to exercise wanted (and avoid unwanted) outcomes for the future with the goal of designing a reality that is desirable, inclusive and strategic for corporations, government bodies, small businesses and civil society.

Instead of practising for probable and plausible futures, we will project for possible and preferred futures.

What Is This Course About?

The Design of Desirable Futures course was developed with a particular methodology that works with the creation of the future starting from three key values:

  • Emergency and tendencies as weak signals and exponential technologies
  • The building of an intentional future based on people and, therefore, human-centred
  • Ethics and diversity; designing futures is a political act and should be done with responsibility

This approach unites the best of predictive futurism and emerging technologies with the best of human-centred design and an ethical, inclusive way of building new possibilities for desirable futures.

Who Is This Course For?

  • For executive and government leaders that are looking to create desirable futures within their companies
  • For entrepreneurs looking for a glimpse of the future and how it will impact their businesses
  • For Design Thinkers and Service Designers looking to take the next step to work on systemic transformations
  • For anyone interested in understanding the emerging technologies and the behavioural changes that are outlining our future
  • For anyone who has knowledge of Design Thinking (required)


Course Content

Speculative, Predictive & Prescriptive Futures

  • Designing The Future Is A Political Act
  • The Ethics Of Creating Futures
  • Weak Signals & Behavioural Economy
  • Future's Ethnography
  • Future Wheel & Design Fiction
  • Exponential Technologies: IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Amongst Others

Exponential Thinking, Transhumanism & Techno-Optimism

  • Business, Government & Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Cognitive Biases And The Impact On Your Future
  • Future Casting & Back Casting
  • Enforcing The Future To The Now

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