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A customized program

A model based on theory and practice to take your businesses to a new threshold!

Topics such as: world context, purpose in business, collaborative businesses, Design Thinking, and much more!

Choose from:

4 to 15 modules, 8 hours each


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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Journey overcomes the industry’s traditional barriers and takes businesses to a new threshold.

A model based on theory and practice in which participants besides working hands-on they have contact with leading contents.

The journey is structures into modules that address entrepreneurship’s and innovation’s concepts and emerging thoughts.

How it Works

It is structured into modules so the company can choose from 4 to 15 of them, which last 8 hours each. All of them have been designed to mix both theory and practice, being hands-on a very important part of the journey to internalize concepts which sometimes are abstract.

The topics that are addressed were carefully thought out to create a wide overview about innovation, with specific focuses connected with the whole and offering relevant knowledge to both the company and the participants in the journey.


Benefits of the journey

  • Change of mental model: to change from a model of analysis of the past to an imaginative model of the future
  • Change of behavior: to arouse restlessness and daring, to be open to new things, to test new paths, to trust in one's creativity.
  • Dynamic Leadership: Make room for a new form of organisation, which is not based on hierarchy but on different skills that guide the process at different times.
  • Innovation Acceleration: The process structures and accelerates innovation through rapid prototyping, continuous learning, and assertiveness in results.
  • Team integration and collaboration: the design process brings out specific skills and knowledge in each person, mediating a process of horizontal and interdependent contribution.
  • Empowerment to Manage Transformation: The ability to test new things, make mistakes and learn decreases risk aversion and brings more confidence to achieve new results and go beyond.

Topics addressed

  • World Context  
  • New World Tour
  • Purpose in business
  • Design Thinking (Modules I, II, III)
  • Collaborative Business
  • Social Innovation
  • Business Design
  • Service Design
  • Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship  
  • Navigating in complexity
  • Futurism
  • Dynamic Leadership
  • Maker Movement
  • Studio for co-creation
  • Design Sprint

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