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Echos was created for those willing to be at the frontier of design and innovation. We help people to accelerate innovation and solve complex problems, using Design Thinking to deliver actual solutions – not just recommendations. We do this through our education courses, in-house training and consulting services.

  • Design Thinking Experience: next sessions around Australia!

    Design Thinking is a practical approach that accelerates innovation. Participants learn in depth how to solve complex problems by putting people in the centre of the equation.

      Next Dates:
    • 10-12 December – Sydney
    • 4-6 February – Sydney
    • 8-10 March – Sydney
    • 18-20 March – Perth
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  • Business Design Experience arrives in Australia!

    Business Design Experience will be held in Sydney, Australia in 2018. It is your opportunity to learn by doing how to build new businesses or reinvent existing ones!

    During the course, participants will be challenged to develop a business project considering a real market problem, allowing them to learn the theory and the tools through a hands-on approach.

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  • Series: The Power of Design

    Design can create new realities and preferred futures. We are launching a series of 5 articles on The Power of Design.
    The first chapter is about The Evolution of Design, focusing on how design evolved from symbols into systems, becoming a possibility and a strategic approach to any complex problem.


    Learn the tools that are part of Design Thinking and will help you navigate your innovation journey. Build to think; don’t think to build. Listen, understand and always iterate.


Learning Experiences

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  • February & March

    Design Thinking Experience Sydney & Perth

    This 3-day highly energetic program will  give you the core principles and understanding ont he Design Thinking methodology, key tools & terminology.
    ECHOS’ CALENDAR: 4-6 Feb-Sydney | 8-10 Mar-Sydney | 18-20 Mar-Perth

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  • May

    Service Design Experience Melbourne & Sydney

    Service design is an approach that helps us think and rethink services from a human-centric perspective.
    ECHOS’ CALENDAR: 2-3 May-Melbourne | 23-24 May-Sydney

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  • 14-15 March

    Facilitation Experience Sydney

    The course Facilitation Experience will teach the participant the pillar skills of facilitation making use of theory, opportunities to practice the skills and constant evaluations.
    ECHOS’ CALENDAR : 14-15 Mar-Sydney

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  • 11-13 June

    Business Design Experience Sydney

    Business Design Experience is based on a customer-oriented approach that enables the process of business development through experimentation
    ECHOS’ CALENDAR: 20-21 Jun-Sydney

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  • 8 March - 15 June

    Design Thinking Specialisation Sydney

    This course will provide you with a deep learning experience and teach you to assimilate the values of Design Thinking through working on real innovation projects for a real client.
    ECHOS’ CALENDAR: 8 Jun-Sydney

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This 3-day highly energetic program will give you the core principles and understanding on the Design Thinking methodology, key tools & terminology.

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