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“Business are not and shall not remain the same. At current churn rate, 75% of S&P 500 companies will be replaced by 2027.”

Richard Foster & Sarah Kaplan

Our in-house Innovation Training offers a high impact and hands-on program that will give you a comprehensive overview about the principles and concepts of innovation, the main mechanisms and tools, as well as the terminologies that are being used throughout the world. The program includes an innovation workshop where participants develop their skills and knowledge, as well as creative problem-solving training.

We offer various programs for your company to have access to new leading approaches and tools in order to meet challenges that businesses face today.

We understand your challenge and develop a high customization program to speed up your innovation processes as well as integrate creative practices into your business and corporative structures.



Corporative contents portfolio

See below our programs with customization for corporative education.

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  • John Mills

    “If you want to truly EXPERIENCE what Design Thinking is about, then this 3 days with Juliana and Ricardo could change your life and your future career.”

  • Maria Stavrakis

    “I am very grateful for having participated in the design thinking experience course. It has introduced me to a new mindset and knowledge that will help me change the way I approach my own business and my clients’ projects. The toolkit provided is very helpful and a great reference tool for the future. This was a great and valuable experience I would highly recommend to anyone that is searching for a new way of working (no matter what work they do) and a new mindset. I left the course feeling inspired and ready to start practicing design thinking in my own business.”

  • Luis Carlos Pimentel
    Business Development Director – Walmart

    “Design Thinking School brought me a new way of thinking in which I was able to hang out with people with different professional history, academic education, and life experiences in a context of team work with intense collaboration.”



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