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17 Jan 2021

Design Thinking: A Core Skill For A Post VUCA World

2021 has arrived and the world is a very different place. How do we navigate this new landscape? At Echos we believe in empowering people to design desirable futures. For many of us, making decisions about how to create new futures can feel difficult when the world seems unstable and unclear. To assist with moving […]

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10 Dec 2020

Design Your New Life For 2021

2020 is drawing to a close. It is time to ask, what do you want for your 2021? If the last year has taught us anything, it is that we cannot predict or control what happens to us.  However, that should not stop us from imagining what we desire for our futures and creating a […]

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08 Dec 2020

Digital Products Need A Value Proposition And A North Star Vision

Having a vision of what your product is and how it changes the lives of your customers is an often overlooked but critical part of the process of digital product development. It is a step that takes place when a team creates a value proposition. The value a product creates in the world must be […]

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24 Nov 2020

How Bias Move Businesses Away From Their Users

A user-centric approach is a fundamental component of practicing human centred design principles in business. And yet, for many organisations it is a concept that is not fully understood or applied. Unfortunately, most companies fail dramatically in the task of connecting empathically with their users. And the rapid disruptions that businesses are experiencing means having […]

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10 Nov 2020

How To Use The Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a visual tool that entrepreneurs or multidisciplinary teams use to quickly define and communicate a new business idea or concept. It is a one-page strategic document that contains nine different key ‘building blocks’ that should be taken into account when developing a new idea. This process was created by Alexander […]

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27 Oct 2020

The Rise of the Chief Design Officer, Becoming A Design Leader

Design and innovation is no longer a nice to have for businesses who wish to flourish in the ‘next normal’ and beyond. Welcome to the rise of the CDO, or the Chief Design Officer.  The time to start building leadership skills is now. Individuals who currently hold the roles of team champion, product owner, lead […]

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20 Oct 2020

7 Rules For Effective Lateral Thinking And Brainstorming

All problem solving is fundamentally a creative act. Creativity is made possible by a style of thinking known as lateral thinking; a term first coined by Edward de Bono in 1967. This refers to a person’s capacity to work through problems by imagining solutions that cannot be arrived at with deductive or logical processes. Another […]

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13 Oct 2020

Felix Lee, Designing A Just Cause

The August 2020 edition of our podcast featured a conversation between Juliana Proserpio and Felix Lee, a designer, innovator and co-founder of a nonprofit initiative ADPList (Amazing Design People List). Felix has extensive experience in the startup ecosystem as a product designer. He has worked with clients worldwide, including Gotrade, Capture, Eatsy and Knowledgehook. He […]

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07 Oct 2020

Organisational Transformation During A Crisis

As organisations and societies, we must take the leap from our collective past of the ‘before times’ to a new ‘COVID normal’ world. While things are starting to feel more stable, there are still many challenges and uncertainties ahead.   Dr Genevieve Bell, futurist and the Australian National University director of the 3A Institute and Intel […]

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29 Sep 2020

7 Tips For Facilitating Sessions With Remote Teams

We are living in a world that is heavily influenced by technology giants. Techno empires such as Facebook and Google have a lot of control over our virtual and digital worlds, spaces that are not regulated appropriately. This means that entrepreneurs are now making plans for the future of humanity. We should be asking, is this […]

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