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19 May 2020

Trends Of Remote Work: Designing A New Reality!

A Systemic change is a change that affects how a whole system functions. We are experiencing many levels of societal systemic change due to COVID 19. One of the largest systems we are reevaluating is how businesses function and how we work within them as leaders and employees. With whole organisations and teams working remotely, […]

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12 May 2020

The future is not a theory, it is a practice

Thinking about the future is a very abstract concept. Why should we spend our time thinking about something that we can’t control? Or plan for things that might not occur? In other words, why should we think about designing our futures? If we don’t design it ourselves, someone else will design it for us. When […]

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21 Apr 2020

What Happened? The Future Didn’t Arrive!

Or has it? At the end of 2019, there was a building sense of optimism in the world. 2020 felt like magical numbers and an important time to be alive, it felt like the future had arrived.  And then 2020 arrived with devastating bushfires in Australia and now Covid19. But what if we got our […]

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14 Apr 2020

What do we learn when we are forced to change?

Everyone in the world is making changes in their daily lives. We have been asked to put the health of others before our own comfort. Should human centred designers also be making a shift? One of the most prominent changes happening globally is moving from thinking in a primarily individualistic sense to a broader society […]

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07 Apr 2020

A Participant-Centred Learning Journey – creating a hybrid learning experience

Now more than ever, it is important to adopt a learner’s mindset. Humanity is undergoing a global shift, inviting us to discover new ways of working, collaborating and educating ourselves in a virtual environment. In times of uncertainty and self-isolation, we decided to experiment. We’re transforming all of our learning experiences into hybrid experiences. Part […]

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07 Apr 2020

Time To Say Goodbye: The previous world no longer exists

In 2020, we are living through significant trauma on a societal level and the greatest crisis of our generation — a global and widespread pandemic, with no end date in sight. Many still think that life will return to normal in the coming months, or in the years to come. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for some, […]

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31 Mar 2020

6 Tips For A Killer Design Sprint

Created by Google, a Design Sprint is a five-day process that uses Design Thinking to create a new product, service or feature. Design sprints are the perfect solution to get ideas out of the paper and test them in a timely fashion always, focusing on the final user. Tip 1: The basis of your Design […]

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31 Mar 2020

It’s Not A Marathon; It’s A Sprint

Design Sprints have the power to create innovation in the space of a week. Sounds bold? Well, it is. Sprints were originally created by Google and, nowadays, companies all over the world use them to create change within their organisations. The below talks will give you insight on the world of Design Sprints, and hopefully […]

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18 Mar 2020

Special: It’s time for leaders to rise, COVID-19.

Black Swans Exist. Until the end of last year, nobody imagined what could happen, we were all living life as it is, and doing business as usual. Coronavirus can be seen as a black swan, which is a surprise event with an important effect that changes everything as we know it. Businesses, universities and schools […]

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10 Mar 2020

An Ode To Women Inventors & Their Resilience

Creative intelligence, disruption and courage are fundamental elements of innovation – without a dose of daring, nothing truly innovative would happen. And what has been bolder than women inventors throughout history? Despite patriarchal barriers and society constantly signalling – sometimes forcefully – that they should choose a different life path, these women have changed the […]

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