19 Feb 2019

TED And Chill: 4 Must-Watch Talks On Creativity

In need of a little spark to light your creative fire? The following TED Talks will give you insight into the minds of creative leaders and inspire you to work on your creative skills. So, what do you say: Ready to TED Talk and Chill? 1- Tim Harford: How Frustration Can Make Us More Creative […]

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12 Feb 2019

It Wasn’t Fate, It Was Design

*Original article published on June 5th, 2018. I spent the best part of the last two decades writing about relationships: romantic ones, platonic ones, what I wanted in them, what I got from them, what things they left me only hoping for. Human nature is, by design, one that requires mateship; we weren’t born to […]

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12 Feb 2019

4 Books That Will Spark Your Creativity

Creativity is a metaphorical muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it will get. In the spirit of exercising creativity and making it a permanent feature in your life, here are four books that will flex and tone your creative guns. 1- Creativity Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of […]

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22 Jan 2019

To Be Or Not To Be Black Mirror: That Is The Future’s Question

With every new dawn, new technology is making changes to the way that we live our lives. It’s happening quite fast, also. If five years ago someone told you 3D printing a replica of yourself would cost only around US$380, you would probably shrug off and think that person was crazy. We are stepping in […]

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11 Dec 2018

Three TED Talks About Designing Cities For The Future

What does the future of our civilization looks like? Echos ethos is that “design can help you design desirable futures”. Here we selected three TED Talks that speak on designing better cities for our collective future as a society. 1- Vishaan Chakrabarti: How we can design timeless cities for our collective future   2- Thomas […]

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04 Dec 2018

Game Over: AI Wins

Last month a painting entitled “Portrait of Edmond Belamy”, a real-life painting created by AI technology developed by a French collective called Obvious was sold for $AU611,676. Pierre Fautrel, co-founder of Oblivious and the “Portrait of Edmond Belamy” (Image: Google) The portrait is part of a series of 11, all featuring different members of the […]

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23 Oct 2018

Why We Love Post-It Notes

“Innovate or die” is the contemporary moto for companies around the world. Remember when Nokia mobile phones were all the rage? For over a decade, Nokia was the biggest manufacturer for mobile phones in the world, but it eventually started to decline and was left behind in the race for innovation in telecommunications. The world […]

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09 Oct 2018

The Power Of Connection: Empathy In Business

One of the things we always hear from people is that they are extremely comfortable talking to people they know well, but whenever they are in the presence of a stranger, particularly if that person is someone who they consider important, they do not know how to act. A way not to be left to […]

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02 Oct 2018

How To Be An Innovative Leader & All That Jazz

It’s no secret that companies have to constantly reinvent themselves to stay relevant in our fast-moving economy, so it should be not surprising that traditional leadership and management models are also becoming obsolete in our evolving society. The authoritarian boss archetype, the one that is feared by all and befriended by none is an idea […]

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25 Sep 2018

Six Inspiring (And Inspired) Women In Design & Innovation

Like most industries, Design has historically been an industry majorly populated by men. Representation has always been a problem for female professionals, but the year is 2018, and things are changing. More women are – finally – occupying positions of leadership in fields such as technology, innovation and design. In this article, we have selected […]

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