11 Dec 2018

Three TED Talks About Designing Cities For The Future

What does the future of our civilization looks like? Echos ethos is that “design can help you design desirable futures”. Here we selected three TED Talks that speak on designing better cities for our collective future as a society. 1- Vishaan Chakrabarti: How we can design timeless cities for our collective future   2- Thomas […]

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04 Dec 2018

Game Over: AI Wins

Last month a painting entitled “Portrait of Edmond Belamy”, a real-life painting created by AI technology developed by a French collective called Obvious was sold for $AU611,676. Pierre Fautrel, co-founder of Oblivious and the “Portrait of Edmond Belamy” (Image: Google) The portrait is part of a series of 11, all featuring different members of the […]

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23 Oct 2018

Why We Love Post-It Notes

“Innovate or die” is the contemporary moto for companies around the world. Remember when Nokia mobile phones were all the rage? For over a decade, Nokia was the biggest manufacturer for mobile phones in the world, but it eventually started to decline and was left behind in the race for innovation in telecommunications. The world […]

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09 Oct 2018

The Power Of Connection: Empathy In Business

One of the things we always hear from people is that they are extremely comfortable talking to people they know well, but whenever they are in the presence of a stranger, particularly if that person is someone who they consider important, they do not know how to act. A way not to be left to […]

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02 Oct 2018

How To Be An Innovative Leader & All That Jazz

It’s no secret that companies have to constantly reinvent themselves to stay relevant in our fast-moving economy, so it should be not surprising that traditional leadership and management models are also becoming obsolete in our evolving society. The authoritarian boss archetype, the one that is feared by all and befriended by none is an idea […]

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25 Sep 2018

Six Inspiring (And Inspired) Women In Design & Innovation

Like most industries, Design has historically been an industry majorly populated by men. Representation has always been a problem for female professionals, but the year is 2018, and things are changing. More women are – finally – occupying positions of leadership in fields such as technology, innovation and design. In this article, we have selected […]

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18 Sep 2018

Desirable Present: The Decriminalisation Of Love In India

Last week, in a historic decision, the supreme court of India affirmed that “Gay sex is not a crime”, in the new ruling that decriminalised the act of love between people from the same gender and sent the archaic Indian law to the past, where it belongs. India has a population of 1.324 billion people […]

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13 Sep 2018

Rediscovering Play In Adulthood. Yes ADULTS, We’re Talking To You!

The action of playing is known to be an essential part of our lives when we’re developing our brains as kids; what I did not realise is that play is crucial for our development and that humans are supposed to keep playing for their whole lives. Last week, I had the pleasure to watch two […]

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11 Sep 2018

8 Books Entrepreneurs of Desirable Futures Should Read

It’s a fact: being an entrepreneur comes with its challenges. If you are the kind of entrepreneur that envisions to create a different future, these challenges become even harder to conquer. One thing is for sure; information is vital to do well in any business venture you decide to barque on. This is why we […]

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11 Sep 2018

Echos Case Study: From Internet Blog To AUD$ 3 Million Innovation Company

What we today know as Echos started as a blog that was created by Echos’ founders Juliana Proserpio and Ricardo Ruffo. It all started with an unassuming internet blog when two friends – Juliana Proserpio, 33 and Ricardo Ruffo, 35 – decided to share their learnings about design on the internet. Juliana, a graphic designer […]

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