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The power to give is a gift. Humanity feels this deeply; we like to share our time, skills, and talents to help those around us. At this time of year, giving is front of mind. Therefore, we would like to introduce an exceptional organisation with giving at its core.

ADPlist is on a mission to democratise mentorship for all. ADPList is a global community of mentors and learners where people can find, book, and meet mentors worldwide. This organisation was founded at the beginning of 2020, when mass layoffs affected the design industry.

It is now a global cohort of 12,085 mentors and over 5000 companies working together to guide the design community towards following their career goals. ADPList is an official partner of Echos Desirable Futures Lab’s Design Leadership Program, a 10-week journey for Design Leaders to become more effective and reach the next step of their design leadership by learning from top global leaders.

Connecting amazing minds

Through ADPList’s vast network, we at Echos have been able to tap into some incredible minds and gather unique insights into how today’s actions shape the industry and our desires for the future. We have developed two wonderful eBooks with some of the most inflectional design leaders on the ADPList mentor roster. The ‘Journeys of Design Key Takeaways eBook‘ and ‘Design Leadership Insights from ADPList Mentors eBook‘.

The ‘Journeys of Design Key Takeaways eBook’ is a compiled version of a few sessions Echos and ADP List put together to inspire designers to move from creating beautiful things to creating cultures. This eBook charts the course to achieve strategic heights in companies and lays out the skills needed to become design leaders. The Journeys of Design starts with the evolution of Design Maturity, ends with the achievement of Design Leadership, and stresses the importance of Design Resilience to move forward in volatile times.

‘Design Leadership Insights from ADPList Mentors eBook’ is a quick-to-access pocketbook of inspiration for getting your organisation and team excited to innovate through Design. Mentors from diverse professional and academic backgrounds came together to answer current and relevant questions about Design Leadership. By combining multiple ways of interpreting the subject, we aim to give the reader tools to communicate better and articulate the powerful value of Design, find a common global language and create a strategic space so Design is seen and respected. 

As we come to the end of the year, it is time to start thinking about what we want the next year to be for us. These eBooks are full of insights and inspiration to help you formulate and plan your career move and personal growth for the following year.

“One of the things I have discovered during my design leadership experience is that you can’t do it alone.”

–      Jorge Bodas Guerra, Senior Product Designer at JamesEdition

In addition to Jorge Bodas, we are sharing insights from the following design leaders: Sarah Heimeier Lead Service Designer at Prospa, Jonelle Chandler Partner & VP of Creative & User Experience at Qualified Digital, Mark Uraine Product Design Manager at Shopmonkey and many more!

During the upcoming break, ask who you need around you to make your goals reality. Would you like to gift your time and become a mentor? Or would you like to receive free mentorship? Check out ADPList. Want to learn the art and craft of design leadership? The Design Leadership Program is a 10-week journey for Design Leaders to become more effective and reach their next design leadership step by learning from top global leaders. Sign up for updates on our next international course in April 2023.

As a final parting gift, we invite you to download our two free eBooks, The ‘Journeys of Design Key Takeaways eBook’ and ‘Design Leadership Insights from ADPList Mentors eBook’.

After two years of change and uncertainty, many of us are looking forward to 2023. While we cannot control the future, we can give ourselves positive outcomes and options through a mix of planning and flexibility. We invite you to use our eBooks to embrace new skills and harness the power possibility in 2023.


Megan Davis

Originally from Michigan, now living and creating in Melbourne, Megan considers herself a citizen of the world. She has been discovering stories since 2012, specialising in narrative strategy and storytelling for businesses that are daring to create new realities and futures.
She has traveled the world conducting workshops in New York, London, Berlin, and most recently Lisbon at the House of Beautiful Business in 2019 to teach people how to connect with storytelling to deliver strategic business results.
Putting empathy first in business and life, she loves sharing her knowledge by speaking, training, and consulting on projects that are changing the world.

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