Our purpose is to foster the new generation of innovators and innovations worldwide.

We are an innovation lab born in Brazil that aims to transform people, organisations, and society. Our purpose is to foster the new generation of innovators and innovations worldwide.

At Echos, we believe innovation only happens through people. For us, every problem or challenge has a human factor and this is how we approach change and design solutions.

We are here to do things that we have never done before. We see design as a way to transform new realities enabling preferred futures. We call ourselves as designers of the invisible things: process, culture, behavior, services, business model, learning experiences, change. We design everything that cannot be touched but can be felt, and this is usually what matters the most!

We are an experimentation space that speeds innovation to build the world we want to live.


Our initiatives

We want to create a bold and impactful innovation ecosystem locally and globally. We challenge the status quo and raise innovation, seeking new ways of doing business and fostering network interaction. For us, innovation must be for good and for real.

Our expertise is divided into two complimentary fields:

  • Innovation Projects: We develop consulting projects to help businesses create value and innovate for good.
  • School of Design Thinking:  We develop learning experiences to help people and organisations master the innovation mindset and tools.


School of Design Thinking

Welcome to School of Design Thinking, the first school of its kind in Australia!

The School of Design Thinking was created for those willing to be at the frontier of innovation.

Our School serves innovators, entrepreneurs and organisations around the world with our open and in-company learning experiences.

We land in Australia with strong partners to bring the best content and the best experience for the country. Our school was born in 2011 aiming to develop the new generation of innovators who will transform the world. More than 12.000 people have already taken our courses, changed their mindsets and become design thinkers. Our students are professionals who seek innovation for real and are not afraid of taking risks and starting a creative revolution.


Our students become innovation managers, successful entrepreneurs, innovation consultants, and above all change makers & agents of transformation.

We are bringing to Australia our main courses:

  • Design Thinking Experience, a 3-day program designed to change your mindset and accelerate the innovation processes. The differential of this program is the perfect mix of theory and practice! You will get your hands dirty and become a design thinker on the ground.
  • Social Innovation Experience, A 3-day high impact and hands-on program that will give you a comprehensive overview about the principles and concepts of social innovation, the main mechanisms and tools, as well as the terminologies that are being used throughout the world.
  • Business Design Experience, this program is based on a customer-oriented approach that empowers the process of business development through experimentation. Therefore, this program empowers participants to think creatively and to challenge the status quo of business, identifying existing opportunities.

An experimentation space that speeds innovation to build the world we want to live in!

Around the World

We started in São Paulo in 2012, but gradually we are expanding worldwide! Our dream is big: we want to create a global network that believes in innovation for good that will change the world for better.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Lisbon, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Joinville, Porto Alegre, Blumenau, Fortaleza, Sao Luis and Panama City have already been impacted by what we believe in!

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