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May 30th to Jun 23th

Mondays and Thursdays, 9am to 12pm (AEST)

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Design Thinking Experience is a course that will give you a broad understanding of the principles of design thinking and its main tools to enhance innovation in business. You will experience the Design Thinking approach through two projects guided by real challenges and will learn how to find solutions by bringing the human being to the centre of decision-making. Besides learning Design Thinking and applying it in practice, you will have access to the most modern tools to work remotely on your innovation projects.

Learn how startups and largest organisations in the world create innovative products, services and experiences by putting the human being at the core of their decisions

solve real

Understand the value of the Design to solve complex problems by practising in the context of business and society.

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Seize the Design Thinking mindset and approach and learn how to put them into practice in your personal or professional projects.

Learn more about tools to exercise empathy, collaborate and create prototypes in an agile and 100% digital way.
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Broaden your vision of the world to a more systemic understanding of the challenges that have been addressed.

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Learn more about the global context from which design thinking emerged and why this is an approach that has been used by the largest companies worldwide. In this module, we will get to know each other, dive into the tools used for remote work and talk about how design has contributed to make organisations more innovative.

Learn about the process and values of design thinking. This is the module in which you experience a super-fast practical project working in pairs for a first recognition of what should happen in each phase and prepare yourself for the deepest project you will experience from module 3

Learn how to question the complex challenges around you through practical and collaborative tools that accelerate the visualisation of possibilities. This is the kickoff module in the second project, here the focus is on the collaborative creation with multidisciplinary teams. The working group will begin to dive into the context of the challenge and deconstruct certainties for new insights.

From an anthropological approach, we unveil business opportunities based on real human needs. We believe that every challenge has a human factor that generates innovation. Using the techniques of qualitative research triangulation, we discover unique insights for our project.

Learn visual techniques to synthesise the information you have gathered during design research and develop creative and alternative paths for your innovative project. This is the moment to create meaning from all data collected, the time to build a persona that will direct the decisions of the project and redefine the challenge based on the human factor.

Remote and accelerated techniques for generating ideas for your project. Learn the essential skills to unlock your creativity and innovate in your projects. With a clear intention and a deeper understanding of the problem, the path towards a practical and innovative solution is much easier.

Learn how to use prototyping as a learning method for your product or service. Put your ideas into the real world quickly and learn how to innovate from people. Here you will learn about the different types of prototype and the group will create low-fidelity prototyping to strategically test the value of your idea.

Learn how to continue in your design thinking learning journey and how to implement the main concepts in your life. After the final presentation of the projects built along the way, we embark on the applicability of design in different organisational contexts, and we will see how this mindset connects with the agile management methods and how it can be applied into your projects.

learn more about the facilitators

Juliana Proserpio

Echos Chief Designer Officer & Founder

Ricardo Ruffo

Echos CEO & Founder

Paulo Armi

Visual Designer and Design Thinker

Daniel Ieraci

Service Designer & Facilitator

$1,500 AUD
next cohorts

May 30th to Jun 23th

Mondays and Thursdays, 9am to 12pm (AEST)

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