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Design fiction: how does this tool applied to design futures work?

Learn more about what this fiction tool applied to design futures is and how it works, and also check out the Echos Design Fiction case. Learn how our team co-created a story in 2015 representing Echos in 2025 and how this narrative is coming true.


Design Leadership – E-BOOK

E-Book gives an overview of the position and responsibilities of design leaders and offers practical tips from local and global leaders.    


The Role Of Innovation During A Pandemic

Humans are creative and are always looking for new ways to do things. But now we have no choice. We realise that the old ways don’t apply anymore. The time to adapt is now. Here are three ways to begin thinking about the future. How Can Organisations Work Towards Better…


The Power of Design

Design has evolved and expanded its horizons in recent years. If in the past, design was viewed as an area of ​​responsible knowledge in dealing with the aesthetics of things, it is now becoming a strategic approach and path to solving any complex problem. Design can create new desirable realities…


Warm-Up Cards

At Echos, we use "warm-up" activities to break the ice in the first moments of a workshop, course or project. We believe that getting people to relax is a great way to kick off a class, a co-creation session, a meeting, a brainstorming session, and any group activity that requires…


Design Thinking Toolkit

At Echos we adopt the philosophy of “learning by doing”; we believe that the best way to adhering a new skill, is by rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. As IDEO’s David Kelley once said “Fail faster. Succeed sooner.” Echos' Design Thinking Toolkit will give you a step-by-step…


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