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Master the virtual environment!
Learn more about the traps of remote facilitation and prepare yourself to deliver a complete, engaging and impactful experience.

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May 25th to June 29th

Wednesdays, 5.00pm to 8.00pm (AEST)

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The Facilitation Experience is a learning journey where you can develop a set of key skills and techniques for facilitating high-impact innovation projects through the design perspective. You will have access to the basic knowledge that guide the facilitation in design thinking, from the formation of diverse and multidisciplinary teams to the delivery of the final product, going through all stages of the double diamond and taking into account the business objectives, the nature of the project and the roles of the participants.

Participate in practical simulations that will highlight the importance of visual, co-creative and generative facilitation to maintain the team’s engagement and energy through remote facilitation.

Boost the collective

Experience leading the team formation to facilitate the different stages of a design thinking project.

Get tools

Learn facilitation techniques to guide participatory decision-making in the moments of divergence and convergence in the project.

Design and
facilitate workshops

Exercise creativity when building and facilitating your own workshop with a personalised canvas.

Master the
virtual environment

Learn more about the traps of remote facilitation and prepare yourself to deliver a complete, engaging and impactful experience.

course content

Learn how to prepare the ground for the start of facilitation, from training the teams to organising the agreements between the participants. Understand how the relationship between leadership through design and facilitation can help create an innovation environment in the companies.

Practice essential listening techniques to safely navigate in the ambiguity and chaos that precede innovation. How to go through the moments of disagreement using the appropriate tools and preparing the ground for collective construction.

Learn more about the use of visual thinking, storytelling and digital prototyping for the creation of engaging narratives in a real case from Echos. Learn techniques for collaboration and the generation of powerful ideas in the remote environment. Practice facilitation in the stages of ideation, prototyping and testing.

Work on the resolution of challenging cases and situations to expand your resource repertoire to achieve more inclusive facilitation. How do you deal with difficult people without getting into collision course? Learn more about how the elements used in learning experience design at Echos School of Design Thinking support facilitation for innovation.

Learn a feedback technique that focuses on the observation of facts and not on an impartial judgement. Practice everything you learned in the course by taking the lead of a group for a longer period of time and receive feedback from members and course facilitators.

Extension of the practice of facilitation in groups. Learn more about the challenges of facilitation in innovation projects with a real case from Echos. Get a playbook with the canvas used in the course, links, tools and complementary activities to equip your facilitation “utility belt”.

learn more about the facilitators

Juliana Proserpio

Echos Chief Designer Officer & Founder

Ricardo Ruffo

Echos CEO & Founder

$1,500 AUD
next cohorts

May 25th to June 29th

Wednesdays, 5.00pm to 8.00pm (AEST)

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