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Design Thinking is a framework for innovation that can unlock business value. It is a creative problem-solving method that begins with understanding people’s unmet needs, then exploring and prototyping solutions to create innovative products, services, processes and business across any sector. It has been used by many organizations to minimize risks of innovation, create a user-centric strategy, design better solutions, reduce costs of innovation and delight customers.

Design Thinking has revolutionised the business and creative worlds by helping people bridge the gap between business feasibility, viability and user desirability.

Ricardo Ruffo, cofounder and CEO at Echos Innovation Lab

The Design Thinking Online is your passport to innovation. This course aims to increase the creative and innovation potential of people, teams and organisations. We do this through a structured, human-centred approach to innovation that teaches not only the skills and tools needed, but also a new mindset to help you approach challenges from a holistic and human perspective.

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what you’ll learn
Throughout this course, you will run through a complete innovation project across every stage: from searching for customer needs and insights, generating ideas and testing solutions with real users by using prototypes. Our course revolves around a practical project in which you’ll apply the Design Thinking tools and approaches.

At the end of this course you will be able to:
the learning experience
Our learning experience is based on this approach: learning by sharing and learning by doing. It's a hands-on approach to learning in which you'll experience this cycle:
learn the concept
apply the concept
share, reflect and evolve
learn from experts
The course is entirely created and presented by Design Thinking professionals. Our team is cross-disciplinary with collaborators from diverse fields: Human-Centred Design, Education, Marketing, Research, Product, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and more.

Juliana Proserpio

Co-founder & CDO at Echos Innovation Lab

Daniel Ieraci

Service Designer & HCD at Echos Innovation Lab

Nayara Borges

Learning Experience Designer & Facilitator at Echos Innovation Lab

Paulo Armi

Design Thinker & Visual Designer at Echos Innovation Lab

Natalia Franzon

Experience Designer and Facilitator at Echos Innovation Lab

who this course is for
Design Thinking can be learned and applied across many sectors (public, private and NGOs) and disciplines. This course is highly recommended for:
We highly recommend undertaking this course with your team to better align your group with the same design mindset, and form a high performance team: more adaptable, customer-centred, collaborative, creative and resilient. This is also a great strategy for organizations who wish to develop a culture of innovation among their teams.

We have special discounts for groups. Contact us at yagoborba@echos.cc to know more about this offer.

Over the last decade, Echos has taught and applied Design Thinking across many industries and disciplines, here are some of the industries we’ve worked with:
The Design Thinking Online course is 100% online.

You'll have 7 months access from the date of purchase to study at your own pace, in an autonomous and flexible way. The content of each module - it's 7 modules in total - will be released monthly, starting from the launch date of the course (1 st module was released in November of 2020).

We have special discounts for groups. E-mail us at yagoborba@echos.cc to learn more about this offer.

Design Thinking Online

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about Echos

Echos Innovation Lab is a pioneer in teaching and consulting for innovation and Design Thinking headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

We’re currently the only Latin American organisation recognised by the GDTA – Global Design Thinking Alliance as well as a Google News Initiative Asia Pacific partner. We believe in the power of Design to transform realities and build desirable futures.

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