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Learn the skills and mindset to become an innovator.

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module released on 27th of November 2020.
the course

The Design Thinking Online course aims to increase the creative and innovation potential of people, teams and organisations. We do this through a structured, design centered approach to innovation that teaches the skills needed as well as a mindset shift to help you approach challenges differently.

You’ll learn to see the world from a different perspective in which problems become opportunities for innovation.

Our course revolves around a practical project wherein you will apply the Design Thinking tools and approach.

Design Thinking has revolutionised the business and creative worlds by helping people to bridge the gap between business feasibility, viability and user desirability.

Chico Adelano, Head of Design and Innovation at Echos

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course content
Throughout the course’s 7 modules, you will run through a complete innovation project across every stage; from searching for insights, generating ideas and testing solutions with real users with physical or digital prototypes. Going through this journey you will develop innovative skills and mindset like empathy, systemic thinking, creativity, maker mindset and critical thinking that will lead to changes in internal processes and work teams.
the course experience
Learn the topics
Through our online platform you’ll be able to view video lessons recorded by our own Design Thinking experts as well as guest lecturers.
Real-world project
Select a project from a range of different options and begin practically applying the lessons. Projects can be completed either individually or with a group from the course community.
Practical experience
Your real world project will give you practical, hands-on experience in each phase of the Design Thinking approach, from brief to solution.
Share and receive feedback
Share your project’s solution with our community of participants to receive feedback. Additionally, use our guided feedback system throughout the course to ensure you're on the right track.
the components of the journey
Our 100% online learning experience also includes:

1. Design Thinking Toolbox

A complete Design Thinking toolkit and frameworks. You'll be given access to a set of tools that will help you better understand the problem, run design research activities, synthesis findings into key insights and stimulate the creative process.

2. Global Networking

Receive access to Echos’ Alumni channel in Slack with a global community of more than 1,000 previous course participants from large organisations. There you’ll be able to access even more references on Design Thinking as well as a chance to network with like minded individuals.

3. Live sessions

You will have 3 live sessions throughout your journey. In these lives, you will have the opportunity to refine your practice, have questions answered and meet other colleagues on the course.

4. E-Book

A digital manual that presents in detail the approach of design thinking, cases, tools and application examples.

learn from experts

Ricardo Ruffo

Co-founder & CEO at Echos Innovation Lab

Juliana Proserpio

Co-founder & CDO at Echos Innovation Lab

Daniel Ieraci

Service Designer & HCD at Echos Innovation Lab

Nayara Borges

Learning Experience Designer & Facilitator at Echos Innovation Lab

Paulo Armi

Design Thinker & Visual Designer at Echos Innovation Lab

Natalia Franzon

Experience Designer and Facilitator at Echos Innovation Lab


The Design Thinking Online course is 100% online.

The content of each module will be released monthly, starting from the launch date of the course. The released content will be available on the platform for 7 months so that you can study at your own pace, in an autonomous and flexible way.

Design Thinking Online

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about Echos

Echos Innovation Lab is a pioneer in teaching and consulting for innovation and Design Thinking headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

We’re currently the only Latin American organisation recognised by the GDTA – Global Design Thinking Alliance as well as a Google News Initiative Asia Pacific partner. We believe in the power of Design to transform realities and build desirable futures.

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