10 Mar 2020

An Ode To Women Inventors & Their Resilience

Creative intelligence, disruption and courage are fundamental elements of innovation – without a dose of daring, nothing truly innovative would happen. And what has been bolder than women inventors throughout history? Despite patriarchal barriers and society constantly signalling – sometimes forcefully – that they should choose a different life path, these women have changed the […]

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21 Jan 2020

Designing The Future: Who Should Be In The Design Room?

Every code is a block inside the digital world; every single line of an algorithm is a part of this world in which we all spend time whether working, shopping, chilling, playing or even dating. Unlike assembly lines, pasta recipes or setting up a small tent, code is hard to understand, especially because most of […]

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14 Jan 2020

A Tool To Design Your Future Projections By Looking At The Past

Thinking about designing your desirable future can be overwhelming; after all, what does a “desirable future” actually mean? How does it look like? How can someone be truly in control od the design of their future? With the start of the new year – and the brand new decade – we invite you to take […]

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14 Jan 2020

Monika Bielskyte: "The Future Is Not The End Destination But A Place For Opportunity"

Monika Bielskyte is a futurist and the founding partner of All Future Everything who likes to describe herself as a futurist with “an artistic eye and a creative mind”. Born in Lituania, she has lived in 80 different countries researching future-related themes and, because of that, refers to herself as a “digital nomad”. An old […]

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19 Nov 2019

Using Creativity To Build Desirable Futures, The Complete Guide

If the future that we see ahead of us doesn’t feel like the kind of future we desire, we need to cultivate within us a creative capacity that is capable of addressing the complex problems of our era; and it t is important to do that for both our individual and collective creativity. Never before […]

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29 Oct 2019

Designing For Hope: When Patient Care Goes Beyond Health

Designing desirable futures is more than a recurring theme at Echos; it is our ethos. As technology advances and the challenges of inhabiting our planet become harsher than ever, the notion of having a tool such as human-centred design at hand makes me a little more peaceful. It gives me a glimmer of hope when […]

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15 Oct 2019

We Need To Create A Sustainable, Desirable Future. Are You Ready? – Part 1

We are alive at a perfect moment in time to raise our voices, support young people, and find tools for creatively starting movements that will change reality. — New York City police had prepared a structure to host around 5,000 people, but over 250,000 showed up to the largest public demonstration in the city has […]

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30 Jul 2019

A Futurist, A Writer & The Pope Give Their Two Cents About The Future

What does the future hold? In the three TED Talks below, futurist Anab Jain, polymorphic playwright Sarah Jones, and His Holiness Pope Francis speak about their versions of a desirable future. Anan Jain: Why We Need To Imagine Different Futures “Anab Jain brings the future to life, creating experiences where people can touch, see and […]

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16 Jul 2019

Around The Globe: Four Projects That Are Building Desirable Futures

At Echos, we believe that we have the power to design desirable futures. This idea isn’t based on a feeling; it is based on what we observe it’s happening in the design world. Our Designing Desirable Futures course comes from this notion: using a methodology that utilised design to create an inclusive, strategic and desirable […]

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11 Jun 2019

Inside The Course: Designing (My) Desirable Futures

Ethics and diversity; these are the pillars that sustain the co-creation of the future which will make us stay far from frightful futures such as “Black Mirror”, and allow us to understand that the future is always a possibility and can be desirable. During the three-day Designing Desirable Futures course, I did not take away […]

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