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In 2021, Echos an independent innovation lab completes its tenth anniversary! That’s right, 10 years. You may never have heard of Echos, and if you have, I hope we have positively impacted you or your company!

Completing ten years was not an easy journey. Firstly, I want to register my gratitude to everyone somehow involved in this journey. From customers, employees to partners and more than that, all innovators always searching for transformation.

On that journey, almost 40,000 people passed through the School of Design Thinking. Over 100 innovation projects developed these years. Member of the Global Design Thinking Alliance as the only non-academic institution to contribute to the global design thinking ecosystem. Present in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Who knew we would get it this far. It is our Brazilian way of innovating, kindly nicknamed by our partners as creative rigour.

Our commitment since day 1 was to help people become better innovators. That’s why we created an innovation lab. A lab allows us to experiment, make mistakes, strengthen our skills and enjoy the journey, as well as the fruits of this journey.

In an innovation lab through design, you are continually facing challenges and opportunities to build something meaningful with people for the planet. Always learning and building a future that you believe is a more desirable and more meaningful life.

The systems in which we live today are not serving us as before, and in general, we have entered a reactive mode to change. Those systems are no longer serving us as we wished. Be it in business, in government, in the city or even our democracy.

As we delve deeper into the 21st century, it is clear that most of our social systems are no longer suitable for their purpose. Too much energy concentrated on incremental innovations and too little effort for genuinely innovative ideas.

Johnathan Ivy, former chief design at Apple, who designed almost every product as we know today from Apple, once said, “Why should we communicate what we’re doing if we’re not sure if it already makes sense to people and the business?”


At Echos, we want to leave a legacy of what we do and not just what we did! 

Who knows, we may have become the most influential design and innovation laboratory in the world? Who knows, we may be pioneers to navigate between technology and humanity through design? Who knows, we may help cities and governments to think about the future of their projects? Who knows, we may help to create several transformation businesses, not only economic but also social? Who knows?

May the next ten years come!


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Ricardo Ruffo

Ricardo Ruffo is a born entrepreneur, educator, speaker and explorer. As a writer by passion Ricardo daydreams on how the world is changing fast and how it could be.

Ruffo is the founder and global CEO of Echos, an independent innovation lab driven by design and its business units: School of Design Thinking, helping to shape the next generation of innovators in 3 countries, Echos – Innovation Projects and Echos – Ventures. As an entrepreneur, he has impacted more than 35.000 students worldwide and led innovation projects for Google, Abbott, Faber-Castell and many more.

Specialist in innovation and design thinking, with extensions in renowned schools like MIT and Berkeley in the United States. Also expert in Social Innovation at the School of Visual Arts and Design Thinking at HPI – dSchool, in Germany.

Naturally curious, love gets ideas flying off the paper. He always tries to see things from different angles to enact better futures. In his free time, spend exploring uninhabited places around the world surfing.

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