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27 Apr 2021

The Business Impact of Design

Designers around the world are in an incredible position. Culturally we are in a moment of transition, with an estimated impact that has not been seen since the industrial revolution. The influence that designers can and will have on this new emerging world is going to be great. While this is all incredibly positive, there […]

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10 Apr 2021

How To Conduct Research About The Future

How do we uncover what may be possible in the future? With research. Research is defined as a systematic investigation into materials and sources to establish new facts and reach new conclusions about a topic.  The tricky part of applying the process of research to the future is there are no known facts about the […]

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26 Mar 2021

Design Is Leadership: Exploring New Trends In The Industry

The design industry has reached a new level of maturity. Over the past 12 months companies have pivoted, adapted and defined new business models. This was possible because of design. Designers have met their moment in history, equipped with the skills that the next world needs. However, with great success, comes great responsibility. Teams have […]

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13 Mar 2021

Future Scenarios: Clarifying The Possible

The history of future scenario planning is short, when contrasted with the years into the future it can plan for. The first person credited with working with future scenarios is Herman Khan who developed the practice of telling future stories in his work for the US Military and the RAND Corporation in the 1950’s. Prior […]

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01 Mar 2021

Discover Weak Signals To Move Beyond Disruption

Living in a time of disruption creates opportunities for deep reflection. For most of us the last 12 months has been a sustained period of change and the questions that we have been pondering have been profound. Many of us have been wondering; are our outputs important or even relevant in this new world? Do […]

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01 Feb 2021

Growth In The Next Economy: Focus on Customer and Employee Experience

The signals of change planted in 2020 are now expanding in 2021. One of the most important shifts has involved delivering quality customer experience in a low or no touch economy. The second significant shift was the move from the office to remote work. This new online world has exposed some interesting opportunities for companies […]

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03 Dec 2019

Can Procrastination Help You Innovate?

Speaking to a friend of mine today who is a genius creator – and as such, very messy with the way she goes through her list of tasks every day – she said to me “I just laughed really hard watching a TED Talk about procrastination. You should watch it too”. Yes, I did have […]

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27 Nov 2018

Echos Australia Wins Innovation Award

Echos is an Innovation Lab that uses the power of design to positively impact people’s lives and create change for good. A company that believes innovation only happens through people and wants to create desirable futures for people, businesses and society. Last week Echos Australia won the “Excellence in Innovation Award” at the Australia Brazil […]

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30 Oct 2018

Entrepreneurship & Innovation: It's A Match

Innovation is the action of creating or modifying something resulting in positive change. Innovation has the potential of changing patterns, systems and generate change in business and society. Companies are also capable of changing the world forever due to their innovative products and services – we have watched it happen with the likes of Uber, […]

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30 Oct 2018

4 Books For Entrepreneurs Seeking Innovation

Identifying innovative business opportunities that challenge the status quo is a hard task. We selected 4 books that are must-reads for entrepreneurs with an eye for the innovative business ventures. Business Model Generation – by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Peigner This is a co-created handbook for visionaries, written by 470 different strategy professionals from 45 […]

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