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If there’s one good thing that this pandemic has taught is the power of collaboration.

Being stuck in our homes, sometimes alone and missing the social connection made us at Echos open our eyes and hearts to what was out there. Back in 2020 we started a podcast, interviewing some of the most amazing design leaders out there, after starting the podcast, it led us to create a Global Design Leadership program and fomenting new relationships.

So today we want to celebrate partnerships, and the new connections we made during the pandemic. 

We know we all have felt like we were alone these days. But while we were feeling isolated, we also were able to reach out to new people. These people were sometimes also wanting for a new collaboration, a new perspective or just a nice talk. We got lucky and we learned a LOT during this period. 

Being open is one of our essencial premises at Echos and as innovators. If we close ourselves too much we might miss the opportunity to find something new, to be surprised, to learn something.

So this blog is all about our partnerships. We were lucky and we were able to partner with so many cool people out in the world. Check out some of the amazing outcomes of these collaborations here:

Mozambican designer Guidione Machava launched the second season of his podcast called World Class Designer, where he talks with world-class designers seeking to show young people what steps to take to reach the position.

The season has 12 episodes totaling 24 together with those of the first season where the formulas for solving problems, achieving goals and being a world reference in the area of ​​design are at the table.

Watch our episode in partnership with Guidione, where Juliana talks about connecting the dots, invisible design and how to find paths as a designer. 


The Future Of Now is a podcast series brought to you from More Space For Light. More Space features Technologists, Innovators, Futurists, and Corporate Rebels from across the globe. These are the people that are shaping the way we work in how we connect with our internal and external stakeholders and customers. 

Check our episode about innovating for a desirable future.


How would I start my UX journey, knowing what I know now. | by Pranjal Singh | UX Planet

Have you heard about the ADP List? These folks have people raving about them. They’re a FREE mentorship platform designed to help designers across the globe grow. Last year we interviewed Felix Lee, one of the ADP List founders in our podcast and this year they became partners of our Design Leadership program. Now every design leader who has been on our program can become mentors there! Pretty cool huh?

Find a mentor or become a mentor at the ADP LIST


In 2019 we partnered with Google News Initiative (GNI) to design the first design accelerator in ASIA PACIFIC, in this project we were lucky to also work with Splice Media, a startup in Asia that focuses on transforming media organisations.

This year, they invited us to share our 30 second wisdom when it comes to building audience centric products. In this episode you can learn how to build an audience for your product. They’re mainly focusing on news products, but these lessons can be applied in any industry. Here’s a blurb for the episode: “2021 will require you to go deeper in building a direct relationship with your users or audiences, but with your true believers. Unless you’re able to capture attention and build a relationship, you can’t monetize, and therefore, you don’t have a business.” I hope you don’t miss out

How to build an audience with your 1,000 truest believers – with Splice Media


We were lucky to have Damien Lutz a participant in our Design Futures course earlier this year, now he’s back as a guest lecturer. In case you don’t know Damien wrote a book that compiles the frameworks and tools for designing futures. This week, he will be joining our team in a webinar. 

how to strategically design futures for your products, services and organisation? Free webinar, join us this week

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Juliana Proserpio

Juliana Proserpio is an entrepreneur and educator. She is the Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer of ECHOS, an innovation lab and its business units: Echos – School of Design Thinking – a school that puts innovation in practice, and Echos – innovation projects. Over the last 10
years, Juliana has worked to develop an innovation ecosystem in Australia, Brazil, and recently in Portugal to foster the power of design for desirable futures.
She has more than 10.000 hours working closely with clients on facilitation design, leading a diverse range of projects in industries such as healthcare, finance, education, retail, new, technology and consumer goods.
Juliana speaks on the power of design to create desirable futures. She spoke at events such as the Global Innovation Summit in San Jose, California, TEDxMaua in Sao Paulo, Brazil, What Design Can Do and the Sydney Design Festival.

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