05 Feb 2019

8 Habits Creative People Cultivate

Innovation and collaborative thinking are all the rage in 2019. Companies all fields are investing money, time and efforts into developing a more creative environment in which people can work towards innovative solutions for daily and complex problems. What Is Innovation Facilitation? Companies have noticed that when people co-create, the results of that collaboration are […]

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29 Jan 2019

How To Nurture A Culture Of Innovation: Juliana Proserpio To Speak At Pause Fest 2019

PAUSE FEST is one of the world’s leading creativity infused business event. It is a catalyst for change, an uniter of all industries, and a platform for the future. It has been described as “Australasia’s SXSW” and as “Woodstock for digital natives”. Over the course of nine years, This Melbourne based event has grown to […]

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22 Jan 2019

To Be Or Not To Be Black Mirror: That Is The Future’s Question

With every new dawn, new technology is making changes to the way that we live our lives. It’s happening quite fast, also. If five years ago someone told you 3D printing a replica of yourself would cost only around US$380, you would probably shrug off and think that person was crazy. We are stepping in […]

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20 Nov 2018

The Art Of Innovation

We hear people saying all the time: “such thing is an art”. Who has never heard sentences such as “making desserts is an art”? And people are right, mundane tasks when taken to the next level can become art forms, just look at what Adriano Zumbo does to his desserts, for example. When it comes […]

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06 Nov 2018

Innovation In Business: Design Thinking Is The Key

Our contemporary economy is equal parts competitive and sophisticated which is the reason why innovation has become an indispensable add-on for any company under the sun. In a fast-paced society, where people change their opinions very frequently, companies need to be able to adjust to demands that are inconsistent and likely to change from night […]

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02 Oct 2018

The 5 Dont’s For Innovation In Business

Currently, the desire for innovation is almost a survival instinct amongst companies around the world. However, there are certain things one should never do when trying to innovate in business. Here is a brief list of 5 things you should NOT do when aiming for innovation in business: 1- Fear Failure Image: Ted.com One od […]

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02 Oct 2018

How To Be An Innovative Leader & All That Jazz

It’s no secret that companies have to constantly reinvent themselves to stay relevant in our fast-moving economy, so it should be not surprising that traditional leadership and management models are also becoming obsolete in our evolving society. The authoritarian boss archetype, the one that is feared by all and befriended by none is an idea […]

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13 Sep 2018

Rediscovering Play In Adulthood. Yes ADULTS, We’re Talking To You!

The action of playing is known to be an essential part of our lives when we’re developing our brains as kids; what I did not realise is that play is crucial for our development and that humans are supposed to keep playing for their whole lives. Last week, I had the pleasure to watch two […]

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04 Sep 2018

Is Netflix Struggling
To Innovate?

This morning I was reading an article called “What Netflix needs to do to make a successful late-night show”, an article that talks about two late-night shows produced by Netflix that have been cancelled recently (The Break with Michelle Wolf and The Joel McHale Show), in which David Lidsky writes: “So then you have Netflix–established […]

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07 Aug 2018

Multidisciplinary Teams:
The Key To An Innovative Work Environment

The term “multidisciplinary teams” originally comes from the health industry and it means “a group of health care workers who are members of different disciplines (professionals e.g.Psychiatrists, Social Workers, etc.), each providing specific services to the patient. They coordinate their services and work together towards a specific set of goals”. If we were to bring […]

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