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16 Jul 2021

How To Design an International Learning Experience

Learning and training has changed dramatically in the past two years. The adoption of online learning experiences has doubled due to the pandemic, however as things continue to evolve in 2021, the projected growth of demand for online courses is only going to increase. According to a report released by Global Market Insights the global […]

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13 Mar 2021

Future Scenarios: Clarifying The Possible

The history of future scenario planning is short, when contrasted with the years into the future it can plan for. The first person credited with working with future scenarios is Herman Khan who developed the practice of telling future stories in his work for the US Military and the RAND Corporation in the 1950’s. Prior […]

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01 Mar 2021

Discover Weak Signals To Move Beyond Disruption

Living in a time of disruption creates opportunities for deep reflection. For most of us the last 12 months has been a sustained period of change and the questions that we have been pondering have been profound. Many of us have been wondering; are our outputs important or even relevant in this new world? Do […]

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07 Apr 2020

Time To Say Goodbye: The previous world no longer exists

In 2020, we are living through significant trauma on a societal level and the greatest crisis of our generation — a global and widespread pandemic, with no end date in sight. Many still think that life will return to normal in the coming months, or in the years to come. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for some, […]

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18 Mar 2020

Special: It’s time for leaders to rise, COVID-19.

Black Swans Exist. Until the end of last year, nobody imagined what could happen, we were all living life as it is, and doing business as usual. Coronavirus can be seen as a black swan, which is a surprise event with an important effect that changes everything as we know it. Businesses, universities and schools […]

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22 Jan 2019

To Be Or Not To Be Black Mirror: That Is The Future's Question

With every new dawn, new technology is making changes to the way that we live our lives. It’s happening quite fast, also. If five years ago someone told you 3D printing a replica of yourself would cost only around US$380, you would probably shrug off and think that person was crazy. We are stepping in […]

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20 Nov 2018

#Wired25: The Complete Festival Report, Part 2

Echos co-founder, Juliana Proserpio, was at the 25th anniversary of the Wired Festival. In a  two-part report, she will share everything that went down during those exciting five in San Francisco, CA. For part 1, click here. This is part 2: 3) DIVERSITY,  INCLUSION & RESPONSIBILITY Who talked about it: Microsoft (Satya Nadella and Jenny […]

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13 Nov 2018

#Wired25: The Complete Festival Report, Part 1

Echos co-founder, Juliana Proserpio, was at the 25th anniversary of the Wired Festival. In a two-part report, she will share everything that went down during those five exciting days in San Francisco, CA. Buckle up; part one starts right here: We are WIRED, but we are not numb, technologists are finally waking up from the […]

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07 Aug 2018

Multidisciplinary Teams: The Key To An Innovative Work Environment

The term “multidisciplinary teams” originally comes from the health industry, and it means “a group of health care workers who are members of different disciplines (professionals e.g.Psychiatrists, Social Workers, etc.), each providing specific services to the patient. They coordinate their services and work together towards a specific set of goals”. If we were to bring […]

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17 Jul 2018

Is Creativity A Human Creation?

Last year I attended an Adobe Artificial Intelligence debate, that was part of Sydney’s Vivid Festival. The posed question that night was: does creativity require humanity? At the beginning of that night, approximately 60% of the attendees voted in favour of creativity being, indeed, a human trait. I was included in that group. Two hours, […]

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