09 Apr 2019

Design Thinking NOT For Dummies: A Workshop By Juliana Proserpio

This past week, Echos hosted an open workshop event in Sydney, where founder Juliana Proserpio talked about the theme “Design Thinking not for dummies: how to escape superficiality and foster innovation“. Below you’ll find a rundown of what went on during the event. Juliana opened the event by welcoming people to Echos’ new office located […]

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26 Mar 2019

Why It’s Time To Capacitate Your Team In Design Thinking

The speed at which technology is improving and disrupting reality has never been greater. Because of it, companies across the world aren’t simply competing with one another anymore; they are also struggling to keep up with the tech changes to remain relevant. With social values constantly changing, organisations that aren’t willing to innovate and break […]

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12 Mar 2019

Design & Diversity: A Chat With Peta Wilkinson

Peta Wilkinson is, in her own words, “a people’s person”. She is a Diversity & Inclusion advocate, who has a long career working closely with people and helping them better skills that are vital for their career success. This week, I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Peta –  a law graduate that […]

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26 Feb 2019

What Happens When You Become A Design Thinking Specialist?

Albert Einstein famously said: “The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.” – and quite frankly, who are we to disagree with Einstein when it comes to creativity, innovation and ideas? Design Thinking Specialisation, Echos brand new course launching in Australia next month with an impeccable track record overseas […]

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19 Feb 2019

Redesign Your Career Using Design Thinking

Can you count how many times a friend made a passing comment about how dissatisfied they were with their jobs? Better yet, can you recount how many times you thought about the same thing yourself? Echos co-founder, Juliana Proserpio, in an interview to the Business & Career vertical of international news publication Exame, talked about […]

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12 Feb 2019

It Wasn’t Fate, It Was Design

*Original article published on June 5th, 2018. I spent the best part of the last two decades writing about relationships: romantic ones, platonic ones, what I wanted in them, what I got from them, what things they left me only hoping for. Human nature is, by design, one that requires mateship; we weren’t born to […]

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22 Jan 2019

Alumni Profile – Basil Vlachou

The energy sector, particularly the Oil & Gas industry, requires innovation in order to remain sustainable, competitive and, of course, as environmentally friendly as possible. For this week’s Alumni Profile, I had the pleasure of speaking with Basil Vlachou, our Design Thinking Experience alum and the IT Solutions Lead at Santos, one of the leading […]

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15 Jan 2019

2019: Design Your Year To Make It The Best

By analysing the year that just ended, you’re able to project the next five years ahead. On January 1st, I hit pause on my holiday mode to do an exercise that would allow me to project my life for the next five years and, doing that, was the best decision I could have made. Designers […]

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15 Jan 2019

The Bonus And The Onus Of Design Becoming Mainstream

Yes, we hear you. We hear everyday people saying: “Oh, design thinking! I’ve already been using its techniques for a while!” Then we hear the crumble. The good side of anything that is a game-changer is that it spreads everywhere and suddenly something that no-one knew existed, becomes mainstream. The bad side of spreading knowledge […]

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08 Jan 2019

How To Become A Design Thinking Specialist

2019 is here and with it, new year’s resolutions are all waiting to be turned into reality. If one of your resolutions is to give a little more time to your career, work on your innovation skills and take your Design Thinking knowledge to the next level,  Echos co-founder, Juliana Proserpio, has a message for you: […]

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