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05 Jul 2021

Global Conversation on the Meaning of Design Leadership

As an industry, design is experiencing massive growth. Designers are being asked to transform their organisations into businesses who will thrive in a rapidly evolving global market. We invited design leaders from all over the world to take part in a series of global Firesession webinars to discuss how designers must transform, shift mindsets, and […]

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12 Jun 2021

Why Every Designer Needs A Global Network

The process of networking has shifted in new and exciting ways. With the increased uptake of digital events and conferences networking has begun to feel almost unrecognisable to what it was in 2019. The use of digital mediums for connecting with new people, locations and time zones are turning yesterday’s barriers into today’s assets. The […]

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01 Jun 2021

Soft Skills, Creating a Culture of Design

Soft skills are a combination of personal character traits and interpersonal skills that allow individuals to build strong relationships with other people. In the workplace soft skills are seen as complementary to hard skills, which refer to a person’s knowledge and occupational skills. With many companies and industries in a state of flux, soft skills […]

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15 May 2021

How To Move Into a New Design Role

Many designers are finding themselves in one of the most exciting moments of their careers. The design industry is in a growth stage, from UX, CX to Service Design the market has never been hotter. As many companies and industries evolve through digital transformation, the skill sets of designers are in high demand. For many […]

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10 Feb 2021

Data-Thinking and Design-Thinking: Creating Strategic Outcomes

Designers are now solving problems at the intersection of two disciplines : data and design. 20 years ago, I began my working life as a graphic designer performing in global advertising and design agencies. And then my understanding of what design was changed. As the influence of good design grew so did my view of […]

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25 Feb 2020

How To Generate Better Ideas

It is a well-known fact that, at Echos, we believe that everyone is creative. Despite popular belief, creativity isn’t something that only people that work in the creative field have access to; human beings are inherently creative; it is part of our “survival kit”. Like anything else, creativity is something that you get better at […]

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18 Feb 2020

The Art Of Asking Why

If you approach an entrepreneur with big dreams for their new business venture and ask them “Why are you doing this?”, their answers will most likely be a variation of the following: “I’ve noticed that there is a gap in the market for the service I will provide”, “I have a very innovative product that […]

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18 Feb 2020

Asking Better Questions

Albert Einstein once said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about the solution”. Asking questions is a survival tool that allows humans to tap into their creativity and innovate in order to survive. The three books below will help you work […]

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07 Jan 2020

Letter From The Editor: Thinking About The Past Decade To Design The Future

When I was a small child, the year 2020 seemed like the actual future to me. I remember thinking I would be so grown up by the year 2000 – I was fourteen – that 2020 wasn’t even really on my radar growing up; it was a date so far removed in the future that […]

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03 Dec 2019

Your Life & The Seven Phases Of Design Thinking, A Tale Of Evolution

One of the things I’ve learned in life is insights can emerge from unconventional moments. On the ideation phase, we are so focused on the brainstorming exercise, but a genius idea may not happen there and then. Nevertheless, once you’ve done the groundwork, all of your potential ideas are installed in your brain and the […]

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