07 Jan 2020

Letter From The Editor: Thinking About The Past Decade To Design The Future

When I was a small child, the year 2020 seemed like the actual future to me. I remember thinking I would be so grown up by the year 2000 – I was fourteen – that 2020 wasn’t even really on my radar growing up; it was a date so far removed in the future that […]

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03 Dec 2019

Your Life & The Seven Phases Of Design Thinking, A Tale Of Evolution

One of the things I’ve learned in life is insights can emerge from unconventional moments. On the ideation phase, we are so focused on the brainstorming exercise, but a genius idea may not happen there and then. Nevertheless, once you’ve done the groundwork, all of your potential ideas are installed in your brain and the […]

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12 Nov 2019

Tim Brown: What Leaders Need To Thrive In Uncertainty

In this episode of IDEO’s Creative Confidence Series, Tim Brown, IDEO Chair and former CEO of IDEO for 19 years, shares his perspective on the qualities necessary for creative leaders in today’s unpredictable business and economic conditions. He discusses what we can do to find the opportunity in ambiguity and design and build better systems […]

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05 Nov 2019

Google News Initiative Design Accelerator: Behind The Design Sprint

Echos & Splice have partnered with the Google News Initiative to launch the first Google News Initiative Design Accelerator (GNIDA) for Asia. Our goal is to help create an innovation mindset, culture, and practices to support this region’s news industry. Today, Echos GNIDA Design Thinker, Daniel Ieraci, and GNIDA Graphic Designer, Paulo Armi, invite you […]

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29 Oct 2019

Design Thinking & HealthCare: 3 Must-Listen Podcasts

Healthcare systems have been build based on disease and diagnosis, rather than on people. The following podcasts will explore how Design Thinking can play a role in redesigning these systems so that they become human-centred. 1- IDEO U: Design Thinking in Healthcare “In our Creative Confidence Series chat with IDEO Design Researcher Silvia Vergani and […]

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10 Sep 2019

The Complete Design Thinking Toolkit For Download

Echos’ Design Thinking Toolkit will give you a step-by-step guide by providing you with tips, background, case studies and tools for the Design Thinking method. Its objective is to facilitate the practice and the process of human-centred projects so that anyone can to adopt this method. It is important to note that Design Thinking itself […]

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27 Aug 2019

Echos Joins Global Design Thinking Alliance

“The Global Design Thinking Alliance is a network of institutions that teach, research and further develop the methods and mindsets of Design Thinking. This worldwide network of institutions promotes excellence in Design Thinking education and research. The aim is for the GDTA to become the global platform for the exchange, debate and exploration on best […]

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20 Aug 2019

Design Thinking And Zero-Gravity

Design Thinking is an approach used to create human-centred, innovative solutions; it carries in itself a space in which two forces – connection and disconnection – meet. I call this space, metaphorically, the zero-gravity space. I noticed that because people are aching to find new ways to think, when they start to apply Design Thinking […]

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23 Jul 2019

Innovation & Social Change At UN’s Festival Of Action – Part 2

Welcome to part 2! If you haven’t read the first part of this report, please start there.  Today, we will report on the initiatives we started after attending the Global Festival of Action – the third edition of the largest United Nations global event for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UN’s SDGs event in Bonn, Germany. […]

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09 Jul 2019

The Ultimate Design Thinking Toolkit Is Here

As you know, at Echos we adopt the philosophy of “learning by doing”; we believe that the best way to adhering a new skill, is by rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. As IDEO’s David Kelley once said “Fail faster. Succeed sooner.” Starting this week, we are pleased to announce that for the […]

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