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04 Nov 2021

What do Phygital Designers do?

Here are the five key principles every designer who really cares about humans should know about designing for immersive technologies. A conversation with Igor Casenote  Are you a designer who designs for emerging immersive technologies?  I had a chat with Igor Casenote from Echos to give me some must-haves when creating in this space.  Immersive […]

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18 Mar 2020

Special: It’s time for leaders to rise, COVID-19.

Black Swans Exist. Until the end of last year, nobody imagined what could happen, we were all living life as it is, and doing business as usual. Coronavirus can be seen as a black swan, which is a surprise event with an important effect that changes everything as we know it. Businesses, universities and schools […]

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05 Feb 2019

8 Habits Creative People Cultivate

Innovation and collaborative thinking are all the rage in 2019. Companies all fields are investing money, time and efforts into developing a more creative environment in which people can work towards innovative solutions for daily and complex problems. What Is Innovation Facilitation? Companies have noticed that when people co-create, the results of that collaboration are […]

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20 Nov 2018

The Art Of Innovation

We hear people saying all the time: “such thing is an art”. Who has never heard sentences such as “making desserts is an art”? And people are right, mundane tasks when taken to the next level can become art forms, just look at what Adriano Zumbo does to his desserts, for example. When it comes […]

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30 Oct 2018

4 Books For Entrepreneurs Seeking Innovation

Identifying innovative business opportunities that challenge the status quo is a hard task. We selected 4 books that are must-reads for entrepreneurs with an eye for the innovative business ventures. Business Model Generation – by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Peigner This is a co-created handbook for visionaries, written by 470 different strategy professionals from 45 […]

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25 Sep 2018

Six Inspiring (And Inspired) Women In Design & Innovation

Like most industries, Design has historically been an industry majorly populated by men. Representation has always been a problem for female professionals, but the year is 2018, and things are changing. More women are – finally – occupying positions of leadership in fields such as technology, innovation and design. In this article, we have selected […]

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04 Sep 2018

Is Netflix Struggling To Innovate?

This morning I was reading an article called “What Netflix needs to do to make a successful late-night show”, an article that talks about two late-night shows produced by Netflix that have been cancelled recently (The Break with Michelle Wolf and The Joel McHale Show), in which David Lidsky writes: “So then you have Netflix–established […]

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10 Jul 2018

The New Healthy: Innovating In Healthcare

Echos is a people-centred innovation laboratory. After working with many clients in the health sector, we have a few pearls of wisdom to share about the future of the health industry. This article aims to share the trends and learnings on innovation in the health sector based on data from Echos- Innovation Lab projects.  It […]

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10 Jul 2018

Echos' Innovation Project – Health Case Study

Echos worked with one of the world’s largest and oldest – founded in the 1800’s – multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturing company to help them foster innovation through a more comprehensive care-service during treatment of patients that suffer from Multiple Myeloma, a terminal type of cancer. The Challenge To design a […]

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03 Jul 2018

Say Hello To The Service Design Era

It is common contemporary knowledge that Design methodologies are being applied more and more to multiple business fronts in order to increase the quality of services and leave customers more satisfied. We live in a society where services are taking over places where before products used to reign absolute. Service Design is a discipline of […]

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