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Here are the five key principles every designer who really cares about humans should know about designing for immersive technologies.

A conversation with Igor Casenote 

Are you a designer who designs for emerging immersive technologies?  I had a chat with Igor Casenote from Echos to give me some must-haves when creating in this space. 

Immersive technologies will continue to evolve, but the human factor of our users is a constant. So, here are quick things every designer who really cares about humans should know about designing for immersive technologies. 


  1. Clearly display the benefits intended by users

Any design approach that seeks to improve some point in people’s lives needs to put them at the centre. Talking to clients and understanding their behaviour allows the designer to take minimal ownership of the context of these people, facilitating the conception of a phygital strategy that adheres to their daily lives.


  1. Have a system-driven mindset

Looking at the whole and developing design strategies that make chaos intelligible is essential to creating phygital strategies.  The goals are to make the experiences more exciting to the consumers, crossing and bringing together different moments of their daily lives.


  1. Keep up with available technologies

Technology plays a crucial role in operationalising phygital journeys. What benefits do AI, 5G, IoT, and other technologies bring to people’s lives today? Through the lenses of emerging technologies, it is possible to map and optimise bottlenecks and pain points for users and stakeholders on the front and backstage of these journeys.


  1. Make the invisible visible

An essential design skill that is often overlooked is visual representation. When designing a phygital journey, it’s helpful to consider that the result will depend on other factors. Hence it is vital to come with tools that help in the technical visualisation of how the service foresees the orchestration of different touchpoints in the user journey.


  1. Clearly understand the difference between output and outcome 

Output is the artifact generated at the end of a task. The outcome is the resulting qualitative result, based on what is considered significant by users and stakeholders of a service. This understanding helps keep in mind what really matters to people in realising a phygital journey. 


Looking at the action word in each of these principles, here’s how they sound altogether: 

  1. Display benefits
  2. Have a system-driven mindset.
  3. Keep up with available technologies
  4. Make the invisible visible
  5. Differentiate between output and outcome

Designing for immersive technologies is not going to take the essential design element out, after all. Whether creating for Facebook’s metaverse or prototyping a new wearable for medical intervention, Igor wants us to remember that it is what the users (read humans ) consider significant. 

We ask, how much of this experience is physical, and how much of it is digital? 

The conversation continues.


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Kehinde Bademosi

Kehinde Bademosi is a storytelling strategist who created and managed the Baltimore City Health Department’s social innovation department through Johns Hopkins University. Before working in the public sector, Kehinde was the Executive Creative Director of DraftFCB, Lagos, where he managed diverse talents and creatives for clients across many countries.

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