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Are you willing to become more innovative? If so, Echos’ new podcast, “Desired, The Podcast” may become your new favourite thing.

In this podcast – which is launching today! – we will help you to create the future (rather than predict it) using design and innovation.

We are going to explore the vanguard of innovation and design in fields such as education, healthcare, and government. However, that’s not all. We’re also going to talk about what is happening in the fringes of society, looking at startups and experiments that are shaping the future.

We have reached a time in which our designs have even greater repercussion with the addictive of technologies such as AI, quantum computing, blockchain and mixed realities techs. As policymakers, health providers, educators, service providers and software developers, we are all designers and, therefore, need to use design with intention, and use it for good.

Superficial design is just another name for bad design.

This podcast was created to bring you the knowledge to allow you to design better, and to become a better innovator.

Be bold, stay fresh, and if you want to become an innovation and design leader, tune in to the first episode of Desired, The Podcast.

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