Learn a hypothesis-driven approach to build new businesses and/or reinvent the existing ones!

Think creatively and challenge the status quo of business, identifying existing opportunities!

Sydney | in 2018

3 days

AU$ 2,500 (GST Included)

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Every time that a company designs a new product, service or experience, it becomes crucial to redesign its business model.

Inspired on IDEO

Just thinking in terms of business plans has become obsolete. A business plan only makes sense when the business is already running.

The Business Design program is based on the principle that each part of business is a hypothesis that can be prototyped and enhanced after testing. Therefore, the approach allows for the evolution of the business to take place in an interactive way, from its initial concept to its launching.

It is an emergent discipline that requires the combination of mindsets, methods, and abilities that will enable your ideas to develop into business in a systematic way.

The Experience

The Business Design program is based on a customer-oriented approach that enables the process of business development through experimentation. Therefore, this program empowers participants to think creatively and to challenge the status quo of business, identifying existing opportunities.

During the course, participants will be challenged to develop a business project considering a real market problem, allowing them to learn the theory and the tools through a hands-on approach.

When combined with traditional corporate strategies, the business design program becomes a powerful mindset for the development of businesses.

What you will learn

  • To identify opportunities of business through an approach based on experimentation;
  • To explore your creative potential in order to generate innovative businesses;
  • To accelerate innovation when developing business using design principles;
  • To learn by doing how to build a new business model;
  • To produce an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

How you will feel

  • Motivated to experience original forms to generate value;
  • Better able to identify hidden opportunities in the market;
  • Confident to apply an iterative process to build innovation;
  • Empowered to build a new business model based on experimentation.


  • Business Model Canvas;
  • Value Proposition Canvas;
  • Lean Model;
  • Stakeholders Map;
  • Value Curve Model;
  • Lean Experiment Canvas;
  • Customer Development Process;
  • Channel Cards (Growth Hacking);
  • Empathy Map.

Who should attend

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners that desire to build innovative businesses;
  • Executives and professionals that aim to develop innovation processes in order to create new business opportunities;
  • Startup accelerators and incubators that seek to train their entrepreneurs;
  • Organizations that are looking for a new approach for innovation and entrepreneurship.


  • SYD



    TBD in 2018

    9 am to 5:30 pm

    AU$ 2,500 (GST Included)

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  • Jacinto Netto ­

    “During the course, some paradigms that I carried in my last 5 years linking entrepreneurship and innovation evaporated in a matter of minutes! A great moment of the course is to create a democratic space for people dissatisfied with the status quo of their companies, cities or lives, the way they learn how to practice a new business. Nothing transcendental, esoteric or self-help! It’s creativity applied to business itself!”


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