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At Echos we adopt the philosophy of “learning by doing”; we believe that the best way to adhering a new skill, is by rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. As IDEO’s David Kelley once said “Fail faster. Succeed sooner.” Echos’ Design Thinking Toolkit will give you a step-by-step guide by providing you with tips, background, case studies and tools for the Design Thinking method. Its objective is to facilitate the practice and the process of human-centred projects so that anyone can to adopt this method.

School of Design Thinking

Echos is a global innovation lab on a mission to foster the new generation of innovators and innovations for good.

Combining the power of design and unparalleled venture driven spirit, Echos is confronting a skill gap (innovation mindset) through best-in-class learning experiences and innovative projects in order to design meaningful solutions that may end up (one day) positively impacting the world.

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