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A Practical Approach to Innovation



Mar 20th – 22nd
Apr 3rd – 5th
Apr 29th – May 1st

3 days

Individual – 2,500

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“The mind that opens up to a new idea never returns to its original size.”

Albert Einstein

Our Design Thinking course, Design Thinking Experience, will provide you with a common level of understanding on the Design Thinking principles, key tools & terminology. Our program is based on the three main values of Design Thinking: empathy, collaboration and experimentation. The focus of this course will be hands-on, including students participating a Design Thinking workshop where they complete two real projects to further develop their mindset and skills.

Design Thinking is a practical and human-centred approach that accelerates innovation by solving complex problems. This approach is based on three core values – EMPATHY, COLLABORATION and EXPERIMENTATION.

Design Thinking provides you with human-centred lenses, allowing you to make better decisions under a new mindset. You will learn to envision opportunities by asking the right (and sometimes the toughest) questions to understand real human needs. You will learn to build to think and ultimately become an innovator that faces risks and learns from mistakes, leading you to real and impactful solutions.

By testing and iterating solutions, you can deliver appropriate, actionable and tangible strategies that cover three lenses: desirable by people, financially viable and organisationally and technologically feasible. The solutions that emerge at the end of the Human-Centred Design process should hit the overlap of these three lenses, creating real innovation.

The Experience

This highly energetic 3-day program will give you a practical level of understanding on the Design Thinking principles, key tools and terminology. This is a hands-on course, where you will be learning by doing, one of our core beliefs.


Our program is based on the three core values of Design Thinking: Empathy, Collaboration and Experimentation. During the three-day program, students will work on two real projects using the Design Thinking approach, guided by our facilitators.

What you will learn

  • How to successfully innovate after going through two real Design Thinking projects;
  • A mindset to solve complex problems;
  • Practical research tools to drive empathy in your projects, how to co-create and collaborate with customers and how to prototype any idea, be it a product, a service or a business.

How you will feel

  • Better equipped to collaborate effectively with a diverse group of people;
  • Better equipped to learn from your internal and external customers and how to prototype quickly generate innovative solutions;
  • Confidence in your creative skills;
  • Confidence to apply the key tools to solve any challenge you may face.

Design Thinking Values

To understand Design Thinking and start working or living under its principles, we need to internalise three core values: empathy, collaboration and experimentation.

Internalising these three values means changing mental and work models, as we are forced to get up from our chairs, go out on the streets, work in groups, co-create, listen to each other, build upon someone else’s idea and, of course, experiment and take risks.

  • Empathy

    Empathy is a concept on the rise and while a lot of people are talking about it, very few practice it. That’s because being empathic isn’t easy. Empathy means putting yourself in the shoes of another person. It means to understand the psychological perspective of someone else as if it was your own.

  • Collaboration

    To collaborate means to think together, to co-create in multidisciplinary teams so that our thoughts and capacity to understand can multiply.

  • Experimentation

    To experiment means to leave the world of ideas, of speech. It means testing solutions, experimenting with them to avoid problems during its implementation phase.

Tools you will learn

  • Double Diamond;
  • Design Challenge;
  • ET (yes - an extraterrestrial!);
  • User + Need + Insight;
  • User board;
  • Stakeholder map;
  • Persona;
  • Journey map;
  • Structured techniques for brainstorming;
  • Quick, dirty and cheap prototyping;

Who this course is for

  • For those in need to innovate with the goal of bringing solutions to challenges of our emerging new world;
  • For the restless who are constantly searching for self-improvement and knowledge;
  • For those who want to go deeper into their approach to Design Thinking;
  • For those who want to learn a new model of collaborative work.


  • SYD

    @The Porter
    Ground floor (just behind the lift)
    1st O’Connell St, Sydney

    20 – 22 March
    9 am to 5:30 pm

    A$1,800 – A$2,500 (GST Included)

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  • PER


    9 am to 5:30 pm

    A$1,800 – A$2,500 (GST Included)

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  • BNE

    @State Library of Queensland
    Meeting Room 1B
    Stanley Pl, South Brisban

    2019, 3-5 April

    9 am to 5:30 pm

    A$1,800 – A$2,500 (GST Included)

    Enrol Here! 
  • MEL

    Windsor Workshop 1/115
    Chapel St, Windsor VIC 3181

    2019, 29 April – 1 May

    9 am to 5:30 pm

    A$1,800 – A$2,500 (GST Included)

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  • ADE



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