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Learn how to design unforgettable and innovative services!

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2019 May 2nd – 3rd
2019 May 23rd – 24th

16 hours

Individual – 1,800

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“Create all the elements that together make a memorable experience for someone.”

William Spiga

No product can stand alone. Services encompass everything.

We are moving from an era of “nice to have” to an era of “pleasure in experiencing”. The service economy leads us to seek less purchasing and more relationship building.

All around the world and especially in Australia, most people work on service-oriented businesses. Moreover, we are all consumers, with different needs and desires, being served by a multitude of businesses that are fighting for our loyalty.

Designing services that consider the entire service chain is not only necessary, but the difference between a delightful service experience and just another standard interaction!

Service design is an approach that helps us think and rethink services from a human-centric perspective, being playful and pragmatic at the same time, with the goal to develop more relevant and desirable experiences. Service design also goes beyond rethinking or reinventing a service, it strives to modify human interactions, be it between staff and customers or between the staff themselves.

The service experience is understood in this context as well beyond the consumer experience . The goal here is to build unforgettable, innovative experiences that delight your customer making them question whether a life without this service would be possible.

This change in perspective allows a more inclusive approach, considering both the uniqueness of each channel of interaction but also the connection between them to create a truly omnichannel experience. The end result is more efficient and sustainable businesses that promote a more reciprocal relationship with your customers considering what is most important: the service.

The course

In the course Service Design you will learn techniques and tools to create and redefine services with a multi-stakeholder perspective, considering the construction of relationships between all stakeholders, be it customers or staff.

You will understand why the service perspective it is important to develop innovative solutions in any industry (including product oriented businesses!). You will learn through practice and world-class case studies.

During the course participants will be challenged to solve a real challenge of improving a service, which allows you to learn how to create and manage relevant services, in addition to practicing the tools used in service design through exercises designed to accelerate your learning.

The basis of design

Design has the power to transform realities and build desirable futures.

Just like all our experiences and specialisation courses, the Sevice Design Experience is also based on design thinking.

Design has the power to transform the invisible the same way it impacts the tangible world around us. Designing spaces, cars, chairs, electronics and many other devices is widely accepted in the current business reality. Applying the same thinking and action to services is not only possible, but becoming mandatory in today’s reality.

Design can and should be used to create and transform services, change programs, organisational culture, processes, business models, learning experiences and many other “invisible” things. You can design everything that can not be touched, but can be felt. And that, in general, it is what matters most.

What will you learn

  • What is a service: the logic of services VS product;
  • What is service design and its elements;
  • How to create and manage relevant, desirable and valuable services that deliver memorable experiences for your customers and your team;
  • An approach that blends creativity and empathy with pragmatism and management ;
  • Tools and exercises that accelerate learning experiences.

How you will feel

  • Empowered to develop solutions and innovate at work and in your business;
  • Connected to the people that use your service in order to create memorable services;
  • Confident to apply service design in your day to day;
  • Energised to give your first step;
  • That designing "Wow" services is not only possible but can be done by you!

Tools you will learn

  • Actors Map;
  • Service Interaction Map;
  • User Journey Mapping;
  • User vs Business Requirements;
  • Emotional Journey Map;
  • Dramatic Arc;
  • Research Tools and Methods;
  • Insights Framing and Definition;
  • Ideation;
  • Ideas Prioritisation;
  • Techniques and Tools for Prototyping;
  • Service Blueprint;
  • Frozen Stories and Investigative Rehearsal.

Who should attend

  • Business professionals from services companies looking to reinvent their business;
  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop amazing services to its customers;
  • Innovators who want to learn more how service design can be part of your "innovation toolbox".



  • MEL

    Windsor Workshop 1/115
    Chapel St, Windsor VIC 3181

    2019, 2-3 May

    9 am to 5:30 pm

    $1,500 – $1,800 (GST Included)


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  • SYD

    @The Porter
    Ground floor (just behind the lift)
    1st O’Connell St, Sydney

    2019, 23-24 May

    9 am to 5:30 pm

    $1,500 – $1,800 (GST Included)


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  • BNE



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