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Compact workshop

Innovative tools and practical skills to create social and economic value for organisations!

Get to know the principles and mechanisms of Social Innovation to find different solutions for your organisation

8, 16 e 24 hours

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Thinking about systems where one has to lose for the other to win is already obsolete. The new logic of abundance shows us a path where everyone can win and allows us to generate systems that really impact society without ceasing to think about the individual.

Social Innovation allows us to create a society in which individuals and organisations have as a premise to build a reality that establishes a new paradigm in capitalism. A society in which business, systems, and organisations are made by people and for people, build in this way solutions that respond to social needs.

About the workshop

Social Innovation brings innovative tools and practical skills to create social and economic value for companies, NGOs, cooperatives and the public sector.

The workshop allows participants to have a deep understanding of the principles and concepts of social innovation, the main mechanisms and tools as well as thinking terminologies that are happening simultaneously in the world. Our program is based on a new way of innovating: doing good and well.

The focus of this workshop is the application of social innovation in practice. During the program participants will participate in projects using social innovation tools in different contexts.


Benefits to the organisation

  • To understand how to innovate and generate real impact in society;  
  • To understand an approach to accelerate and improve the way of generating solutions for social needs;  
  • Practical tools to increase the impact of your organisation;
  • To learn how to be more creative and innovative in your organisation with a social mission and have repertoire to get out of the obvious in creating positive impact solutions.

Contents and concepts

  • Social Innovation mechanisms;  
  • How to find opportunities of social innovation for your organisation;  
  • Give a problem to a mission;  
  • Framework of solutions pathways for social innovation;
  • Win, win, win;
  • Social Innovation Canvas.

Who’s this workshop for?

  • For organisations that want either to make an impact on the society or to improve the one they already have;
  • For organisations that want to find out how to find opportunities of social innovation in their business;
  • For organisations that want to understand how to come up with solutions that have social impact as a main goal, besides profits.

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