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Our in-house Innovation Training offers a high impact and hands-on program that gives companies a comprehensive overview about the principles and concepts of innovation, the main mechanisms and tools, as well as the terminologies that are being used throughout the world. The program includes an innovation workshop where participants develop their skills and knowledge, as well as creative problem-solving training.

Last week Echos visited Telstra‘s offices in Sydney to facilitate a three-day Design Thinking In-House Training session.

In this post, we will share some pictures from the session as well as quotes with learnings from our amazing participants.

“I learnt how to not jump to the solution.”

“I loved how the sessions took us away from being ourselves.”

“The sessions taught me how to be more human-centric.”

“I’ve learnt the idea of purpose: how we start with the why.”

“I now appreciate a lot more the validation of the process; we should always be making things better.”

“It’s all about trial, error, and improvement.”

“I’ve learnt the values of empathy and collaboration, how we can break away from being process driven.”

“This process widened my view; we took a step back and got insights from our customers.”

“I liked how we stripped everything back and gained empathy for our clients.”

“How we tried to create simplicity from complexity.”

“I love that now there is a framework that we can use to innovate.”

“I love how this process has changed the way how we all think.”

If, like Telstra, you’d like to start an innovation journey in your company, check out our in-house course offering.

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