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Innovation and collaborative thinking are all the rage in 2019. Companies from all fields are investing money, time and efforts into developing a more creative environment in which people can work towards innovative solutions for daily and complex problems.

What Is Innovation Facilitation?

Companies have noticed that when people co-create, the results of that collaboration are often more positive than the results someone would be able to produce alone. A person who can mediate the creative process of a group is a crucial part in the process of promoting innovation within an organisation.

Facilitation is a concept based on this ability; a facilitator is a person who can mediate and moderate interactions, give the right cues, point people in the best direction for innovation to be achieved in the fastest way. An Innovation Facilitator will act not only as a “collective thinking organiser” but also as the main source of knowledge the group they are mediating.

Inside organisations, a facilitator has some very important jobs:

  • Integrating Design Thinking to the company’s language and culture
  • Guiding the team toward the best answers to the hardest questions
  • Working closely with internal teams to find the best way to bring that new product or service to life
  • Creating an innovation culture based on a structured way of collaborative and multidisciplinary teamwork
  • Creating a dynamic and inclusive participation environment
  • Passing on and empowering other employees with knowledge on the mechanisms of creating innovation
  • Noticing insights and detecting great ideas within a group
  • Mediating conflicts and challenging personalities
  • Promoting healthier ways for internal communications, cancelling the noise that slows the innovation process down
  • Providing appropriate feedback

Who Is The Ideal Candidate To Become A Facilitator In Your Company?

  • Someone with an ability for project leadership
  • Someone interested in learning techniques for  promoting innovation
  • Someone who generally serves as a counsellor for other employees during the challenging stages of a project
  • Someone who has great communication skills but is also a great listener
  • Someone who loves to guide groups of people in creative solution building through communication skills

“After my first contact with design thinking – and especially because of the way I was first introduced to it during the Design Thinking Specialisation course – it was a natural step for me to want to further my learnings in the subject. It was with this eagerness that I arrived at the Facilitation Experience course. It is only when you are introduced to the group guiding techniques that teach you how to find answers and new questions within each person of the group in order to find human-centred solutions, that you can truly realise just how profound this approach can be. During the sessions, I’ve learnt to identify where to focus when learning with groups formed by differently profiled people. I also learnt ways to encourage participants by making them realise that different opinions are always inputs to innovation. This course also made me have a clearer sense of the process as a whole and all of its steps.”

Gustavo Roças, Echos’ Facilitation Experience Alum

Interested In Becoming A Facilitator? Check out Echos’ Facilitation Experience course.

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