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Can you count how many times a friend made a passing comment about how dissatisfied they were with their jobs? Better yet, can you recount how many times you thought about the same thing yourself?

Echos co-founder, Juliana Proserpio, in an interview to the Business & Career vertical of international news publication Exame, talked about ways in which Design Thinking can be used to redesign a person’s career, helping them identify new scenarios to allow their professional transformation. “We are all designers of our own lives; we tend to forget that we are able to design the desired path for ourselves.”, said Proserpio.

Also part of the article, Stanford Professors, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans – co-authors of the book “Designing Your Life” – talked about the prospect of having a well-planned life as long as there is alignment between what you are, what you believe and what you practice on your day-to-day life.

Although this sounds like a simple enough concept, Burnett and Evans noticed that students felt lost right after graduating university, not knowing what their next steps should be and without any real career planning. It was based on this observation that The Stanford Life Design Lab came to life, uniting visual tools and career planning in one place.

Interested in figuring out the next steps to designing your career? Have a look the tips below that will bring you amazing insight:

  • Think like a designer: remembering Design Thinking core values will help you tremendously in starting this journey
  • Define your starting point: reflect on your life as it is today. It is only by understanding the present that you can project the future
  • Find what motivates you: what makes you happy? When and how do you feel the most accomplished? Create a diary where you can list all the things that float your boat.
  • Plan: plan for more than one thing at a time and make sure these plans reflect your true self, and that they are also viable. This way, if one of your plans fail, you have options.
  • Prototype and iterate: learn from your mistakes and use the learnings to refine your plan.

Want to learn more about the book Designing Your Life? Check out this article by Juliana Proserpio.

Are you interested in learning how to design a desirable future for yourself, your career or society? Check out Echos Designing Desirable Futures course.

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