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Innovation serves society as the very thing that propels it forward. In other words, innovation happens when a solution is created to a problem in a way that people’s lives are changed for the better.

In the business world, the combination of entrepreneurship and innovation is the stuff dreams are made of because, without entrepreneurship, innovative ideas cannot benefit people on the scale and, therefore, are unable to change the status quo, a.k.a., life as we know it.

Joined Forces: Uniting Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Step One: Focus On People

Innovative companies know their customer really well and take their needs, habits and desires very seriously. They keep their costumer is at the centre of every decision in every step of the way. Uber – for instance – innovated in the way they charged for taxi fares based on a pain point people that took taxis had: when you get into a taxi, you never know how much the trip is going to cost you. There is no estimate, no indication. Prior to Uber and it’s estimated price model, all people in taxis had was eyes fixed to the taximeter and a constant sense of anxiety.

Step Two: Get Every Team On Board

We say it all the time: innovation is a team sport. Multidisciplinarity is always a great way to create unusual solutions to problems; the more distinct people you have in a room working together, the more points of view and ideas you will have. Not to mention, companies that are innovative in the way they dictate their office culture, tend to be more innovative with their clients, also. By constantly creating new processes and by encouraging people to solve problems in unusual ways, companies encourage internal innovation and set their employees minds to do the same when designing products or services to the end customer.

Step Three: Break Paradigms

Business Design – a derivate of Design Thinking – is a tool that companies can use to break paradigms and foster innovation. Using creativity and strategic thinking whilst keeping the consumer at the end of the equation, business models can get an innovative makeover, or brand new models that cater to the customer’s needs can be created. To learn how you can apply Business Design to your business, click here.

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