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Quoting Dr Asif Saber, Specialist in Geriatrics at the Westmead Hospital, “I think the Design Thinking approach complements our philosophy of patient centred care. In many areas of medicine, the main aim of care is to administer the ‘right’ medicine or carry out the ‘right’ operation regardless of what the implications may be for the patient. I believe these treatments are only a means to an end, which is to improve the health of the patient and restore the patient’s function”.

The Echos team recently worked in partnership with Janssen and used Design Thinking methodologies to come up with a way to help patients suffering from the cancer form called Multiple Myeloma to have a better quality of treatment and more comprehensive patient care.

You can watch a summary of the Echos-Janssen case study below:

Interested in learning Design Thinking? Echos currently offers three different courses on the subject:

Design Thinking 101

Design Thinking Experience

Design Thinking Specialisation

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