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The launch of our new podcast Desired is pretty special; it marks an intention that we set for ourselves about four years ago.

Our first episode explores the role and the practice of creativity and design in the government and the education space. Creativity has become more valuable in the past years, especially because of its human uniqueness of creation that can’t yet be substituted by technology. It’s almost like, the enhancement of technology is truly telling us what it means to be human.

Dr Susie Robinson, our first guest and Echos’ alumn has a pretty exciting story. I remember that back in 2016, I was facilitating our first Design Thinking Experience in Sydney, and Susie was one of our participants. When we presented the slide of the double diamond (a framework that explains the creative process of design and innovation), Susie mentioned that she was part of the team who funded this research with the UK design council. Distances became smaller; our worlds collided. Me, a Brazilian designer-entrepreneur hosting a design thinking course in Sydney – Australia, and interacting first hand with someone who was involved with what became one of the most important innovation & design frameworks spread around the world.

The story behind the discovery of the double diamond, something like the secret recipe for a creative approach + how to use creativity in government and education can be found in Echos’ brand new podcast Desired!

Desired, The Podcast was designed to make you feel bold, stay fresh and become a better design and innovation leader.

With that, we hope to help listeners not only predict the future but create it through the lenses of design and innovation.

The launch of Desired, The Podcast is a manifestation of Echos’ desired future. Five years ago, we started to dream about becoming a global company, while maintaining ourselves as a design-driven innovation lab that is independent and bold, but also expanding our borders, exchanging stories and learnings to create better futures.

Our desired future has arrived, and that’s also the reason for our podcast title. We hope to help you and the world to achieve your desired futures.

Innovation is the desired future that is happening now.

Listen to Desired, The Podcast:


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Designing Desirable Futures.

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