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As you know, at Echos we adopt the philosophy of “learning by doing”; we believe that the best way to adhering a new skill, is by rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. As IDEO’s David Kelley once said “Fail faster. Succeed sooner.”

Starting this week, we are pleased to announce that for the next 9 Thursdays, we will be sharing a downloadable chapter of Echos’ Design Thinking Toolkit.

Download Part 1: Introduction + Summary

Why is this toolkit different?

Echos’ Design Thinking Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to innovation with loads of expert tips and insights.

In other words, this toolkit will give you a step-by-step guide by providing you with tips, background, case studies and tools for the Design Thinking method. It is an in-depth material, but at the same time, practical and easy to use. The Design Thinking Toolkit’s objective is to facilitate the practice and the process of human-centred projects so that anyone can to adopt this method.

Here is what’s in store for you for the next 9 weeks:

  • 11 July – Part 2: Process 
  • 18 July – Part 3: Design Challenge 
  • 25 July – Part 4: Understanding 
  • 1 August – Part 5: Research 
  • 8 August – Part 6: Point of View 
  • 15 August – Part 7: Ideation 
  • 22 August – Part 8: Prototyping 
  • 29 August – Part 9: Testing & Iteration 
  • 5 September – Part 10: What’s next? 

Want the following chapters? Sign up, it’s free! 

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