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Echos & Splice are partnering with the Google News Initiative to launch the first Google News Initiative Design Accelerator for Asia. Our goal is to help create an innovation mindset, culture, and practices to support this region’s news industry.

We are inviting applications from news organisations across the Asia Pacific to participate in this program to develop new business models, products, and cultural practices within their organisations based on the principles of Design Thinking. A panel of experts from Google and the news industry will review the submissions and select eight partners across the region.


Foster an innovation culture – This project aims at fostering an innovation culture by upskilling your teams on Design Thinking tools and processes.

Apply innovation to real business problems – Innovation means to create value for your customers and change the status quo. At the Google News Initiative Design Accelerator, we will help you create a digital experiment that solves a specific challenge or builds a real user-solution based and testable prototype.

Making innovation happen – Ship ideas from the workshop space to actual business pitches. This will be executed by the trained Design Thinkers across different departments and post-program support. Thus the program will not only introduce design concepts but will also aim to help sustain design-based innovation culture.


The cost of training will be covered by the program and will be hosted at the selected news organisation’s site.

We are looking to launch in September and will work with the selected news organisation on dates. We want to complete the training this year.

The program covers:

  • Design And Innovation Maturity Assessment (pre-work online)
  • Design Thinking For The News Industry (3-day training)
  • Design Sprint (5-day project)
  • Facilitation And Project Management (2-day training or online. Optional)
  • Post-program Assessment & Optional Mentorship Support


To apply, you’ll have to fulfil these requirements:

  1. Commitment
  • Get executive buy-in for training
  • Make sure you can rally both people and technology in your organisation to dedicate to the project
  • We recommend getting participation across product, editorial, business, ads, marketing, operations and any other team you think is necessary in order to help develop a 360-degree innovation plan, across different teams and functions of the organisation
  1. Desire To Change
  • Have a challenge or need that can be developed in the program
  • Dedicate a team and have the ability (technical infrastructure and resources) to implement solutions and recommendations
  • Have executive buy-in to test prototypes developed
  1. Share Lessons
  • Be open to participate in any Google-led opportunities to share the lessons from this program with the wider industry
  • Please note this does not include any partner-specific information



Applications are now open, and the deadline to submit is September 8, 2019.

Apply here.

If you have any questions, reach out to us via email

*This article was originally posted on The Splice News Room, by CEO Alan Soon. This version of the article has been edited by Rani Ghazzaoui Luke.

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