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Echos’ Design Thinking Toolkit will give you a step-by-step guide by providing you with tips, background, case studies and tools for the Design Thinking method. Its objective is to facilitate the practice and the process of human-centred projects so that anyone can to adopt this method.

It is important to note that Design Thinking itself isn’t a tool, but a mindset that helps people deal with complex problems keeping the focus on the human factor when choosing solutions to such problems.

This toolkit is useful if you:

  • are an intrapreneur or entrepreneur that wishes to work with multidisciplinary groups that are willing to find new ways to tackle challenges
  • want to develop new skills inside of a team
  • have the intention of identifying non-trivial solutions for your daily challenges
  • want to develop a human-focused team project inside your organisation
  • see Design Thinking as something that has the potential to transform your reality


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