Can companies impact the future positively? What separates a leader from a visionary?

If you ever wondered how you could better use your position to make a difference not only to your company’s bottom line but also to your employees, their legacy and their future, the below talks may be a great way to start.

Grab a note pad, make yourself comfy and pick the brains of leaders who are disrupting industries and shaking up the status quo whilst getting the job done.

Linda Hill: How to manage for collective creativity


Ricardo Semler: How to run a company with (almost) no rules


Audrey Choi: How to make a profit while making a difference


Regina Hartley: Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume


Adam Grant: Are you a giver or taker?


David Burkus: Why you should know how much your coworkers get paid


Martin Reeves: How to build a business that lasts 100 years

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