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Business design is the science of using design principles to create businesses that offer relevant solutions to market and consumer demands. Because it is an approach that speeds up the process of developing products and services that are effective and suited for customer’s real needs, it has become a popular pathway for organisations to remain relevant within a competitive marketplace.

Why Is Business Design So Important?

Simply put, because it brings home amazing results. Business design has a holistic approach to designing products and services. It always keeps the client in focus, and it doesn’t require a big budget since it is based on Design Thinking principles that encourage experimentation – what at Echos we call, “cheap, fast and dirty” prototypes.

Business Design Is A Future Ability

The only businesses that will thrive in the future are the ones that can embrace two things: innovation and sustainability. Business Design is a future ability because it fosters innovation and encourages a constant change in mindset. Based on empathy and multidisciplinarity, it increases the power of any successful business model. 

The knowledge that is developed through business design is practical and can be adapted to any challenge a team may face. From a teambuilding perspective, it also teaches people that it is ok to fail, that we shouldn’t fall in love with our ideas and that working collaboratively as a team is the fastest way to arrive at innovative, relevant solutions for your clients. Business design will teach your team to rethink their boxes so that they can think outside of them.

In the below TedTalk, Alan Iny talks about applying doubt to business models and philosophies, in order to be creative: 


If you’d like to learn more about the Business Design approach, and how you can bring it to your company, check out Echos’ course offering.

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